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The 10 Best Jobs Working From Home

If you are mum and a passionate lady too, working from home can be extremely convenient. Not only this, when it comes to introverts who don’t want to see people on everyday basis but never want to forgo their careers, home based jobs come as extremely helpful.

So for all passionate ladies and introverts, here I am bringing a list of top 10 best Jobs Working from Home that can be a good career with extremely good payoff:

1- Freelance Writing:

If you think you are good at writing, you can find online clients and write things for them. Writing is a vast field and your clients can ask you to write blog posts, reviews, contents, and web pages etc. At start you may find it difficult with within one to two months, your skills will be improved.

2- Medical Transcriptionist:

If you have a degree in medical and you have practiced enough with senior doctors, you can be an online Medical Transcriptionist. For this, you don’t need to have a clinic, an outlet, and not even a website. You can simply create your profile with online medical website and start your practice to earn more.

3- Translator:

If you know more than one language, many people are searching for you. You can simply translate the passages and earn money. Here, you can be asked for translating passages, videos, and making subtitles etc. This thing can give you good earning.

4- Web developers:

Web development is an extremely famous job and a great money earner. You should have proper development skills and by offering your services online, you can definitely work on it. Online clients will pay you money for development websites and apps and with good profile, you can turn this job into a business.

5-Teaching / Tutoring:

With the advent of technology, everything is now on our fingertips. Instead of giving tuitions at home, you can teach kids online and earn money. You can teach them through video calling and send notes via mail and earn enough for your livelihood.

6-Travel Agent:

If you are a passionate traveler and have visited many places, you would have enough info regarding traveling. Be a travel agent to work from home and earn money. Here, an interesting thing is that you can be a middle man for ticking and all. You can earn in many ways by being a travel agent like from the company as well as from the clients.

7-Social Media Manager:

Everybody knows to use social media accounts and can earn by simply using these accounts. Many brands and companies hire staff on online basis for their social media marketing. You can earn good money by being a social media manager with zero investment. All you need is a computer and working internet connection!

8-Data Entry:

Data entry requires no skills, no language grip, and no any sort of special qualifications. All you need is to copy and paste the data in various forms according to the demands of your client. This job can give good money for those with not a single skill.


Customer service representatives and online seller job can also be done from home for earning money. You can earn good sum when it comes to being a customer service representative. However, you need to find company at start to work with and later you can start your own independent business.


Last but not least, have a website and start blogging. You can earn big bucks of dollars by posting simple posts. Later you can hire writers and designers and earn without doing anything.



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