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How to make money on YouTube

We often see people living in neighborhoods, spending lives with limited sources just like us and suddenly they are going on tours in Dubai, meeting celebs, and behaving rich. How just suddenly happened that made your life suddenly happening from the ordinary one? When you ask them about it, they simply tell you about subscribing their YouTube channel and liking videos. You may feel it a mare entertaining however this is true. YouTube is a platform that can give you biggest huge bucks within days and make you hero from nothing. It sounds crazy but it’s true. Social Media is the most powerful medium to do anything you want and when it comes to earning money, YouTube social media does wonders.

Here, I am telling you about some simple and easy tips regarding how you can make money on YouTube in the matter of a twitch.

Decide the Type of Channel:

First of all, before doing anything, you will have to decide for the contents that you are intended to upload on your YouTube channel. For example, if you want to make it an entertainment channel by uploading funny videos or you want to make it more like informative by uploading educational content. Here, I would like to clear one thing that you don’t necessarily need to appear in the video to upload it on YouTube. You can simply use your voice or even texts, however make sure whatever type you choose is interactive to watch for the audience and grab their interest. Once, you have decided for the YouTube content, here it comes to creating the channel.

Create a YouTube Channel:

You will have to create your YouTube channel as a first step on the ladder of earning of money. This is not a hard thing to do in fact these days with a smartphone, you already have channel however you don’t have information. Whenever you sign in on YouTube with your email, your channel is created. You can use same channel created through your personal email or make a new one. Also, you will have to give your channel a name, make sure to create a name that’s interactive and show your niche.

Upload Contents with Strategies:

When everything is done, it is time that you upload contents that you already had created on your YouTube channel. Here are some tricks that you will have to follow:

  • Do not do bombardment of the videos on first day by uploading back to back videos. Give your viewers time to watch your first video, work on it, spread it, make it viral and after that upload the second one.
  • Try to figure out the time in which you upload your videos. This thing matters a lot because it will bring you views and feedback. The type of your channel will figure out the uploading time of your videos.
  • Decide for a time in which most of your users come online. For example; if you are making a channel for small babies who don’t go to school, you can upload videos at 9 in morning when mums give their babies mobile and get busy in house chores.
  • If you are making a channel for adults, don’t upload in morning evenings, nights and lunch breaks are the time when you will get views. Keep this in mind.

Use Uploading Tactics:

Here, you will have to be a little technical when it comes to uploading videos. These tactics will ensure that your videos will be shown on YouTube again and again. Here, you will have to:

Person Holding Tablet Computer Showing Videos
Person Holding Tablet Computer Showing Videos
  • Use proper hashtags – these hashtags should be related to the niche and video you are uploading but they should also be trending ones that people want to see. These hashtags can be found by looking at the trending keywords.
  • Give a great title related to your video.
  • Give your video a small, compact, yet grabbing description. This caption is what will make people intrigued to click on your video and watch it.
  • Also, you will have to add a good thumbnail to your video. This is to enhance the visible desirability of your video to intrigue people for clicking it.

Never Lose Hope:

You are not going to get views, like, shares, and followers overnight so if you don’t see a good response on your page, don’t lose hope. You can use some further plans and strategies to attract people to your YouTube channel such as sharing your content links from time to time on your social media accounts, being regularly updated about your channel, and involving your friends in spreading your contents.

Strategies to Earn More Money:

Moreover, if you need to get overnight rich and get likes faster and better, here are some tips to come handy for you:

  • Make AdSense account for YouTube.
  • Try all new and better monetization features.
  • Try to ask famous channels to collaborate with you by sending them reviews, views, and even money.
  • Be partner with brands and remain active.

Some Precautionary Measures:

When you are making a YouTube channel though you are using your personal skills however you are sharing it on the biggest social media ever seen. Here, you will have to take some precautions regarding:

  • Not using foul language.
  • Being funny but not rude.
  • Keeping your audience temperament in mind.
  • Never hitting on a race, religion, or ethnicity.
  • Don’t spread hate with your content.
  • Remain general and don’t be specific about a race, religion, or cast.
  • Be entertaining.

Bottom Line:

These tips will surely help you to become rich by earning more and more money with your YouTube channel. One thing I would like to remind you here is that it will take time of some months for you to get views and likes. You may also find issues in collaborating with other channels. Try to pick small channels because they are also trying to grow and will surely take your hand. Be consistent and see miracles happening to your income.

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