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How to become a Freelance Writer

This is the age of internet. Internet is flooded with loads of content in the form of blogs, research articles, product descriptions and reviews, stories, and what not. One wonders, who writes all this content? Who writes these mesmerizing posts for such professional websites? The answer to this freelance writers. Given all this Content writing is a hot, latest, in-demand skill these days. In this era of digital marketing, every business has gone online that brings needs strong marketing to survive and unique content is something that has proved to be very valuable in terms of reach and grow.

Coming to the point of freelance writing, it is not something that a person is born with. It is something you learn. One may have natural talent to write but that the more you practice, the more you learn. Freelance writing is a great opportunity for someone looking at options to increase his income as a side job, or even take it up as full job once you grow as the benefits are certainly un-matched as compared to other full time jobs.

The cool thing about freelancing is that the scope is unlimited. You are not limited to writing on one genre or one specific topic. You can explore as much as you want and pick whatever suits your style the most.

If you have read the article till now, you really are interested in learning how to become a freelance writer. So why wait more? Let us dive in and explore this ocean of opportunity.

Things to know before starting:

There are several things that you need to know before you decide to enter into freelance writing. First up are the types of writing. Some of the many kinds are:

Blog Writing

We all have read blogs at some point in our life. Blogs are general information or discussion websites where you can express your opinion over your choice of topic.

Writing for a blog would mean sticking to specific topic that blog covers and adhering to the boundaries of content. Blogs can be related to any things about any field of life.

Academic Writing

Academic writing refers to any kind of writing that is related fulfilling the needs or requirements of a college or university. It can be of any kind of written assignment or to solve numerical.

Advertisement Content Writing

Advertisement content writing refers to writing content with intention of selling or promoting something. It is interesting as well as challenging task and requires thorough research in order to appeal the customers.

General Topics Writing

This is a term with vast boundaries. Suppose you are asked to write on “Badminton Nets”. This does not come in any of afore mentioned categories. A freelance writer has to deal with such topics and learn the art to research about new things and write in a professional manner.

So, you have decided to become a freelance writer and now you are thinking what the next step is? Here is a step by step guide for you to help you start your freelancing career with a bang.

Steps to be taken:

* Develop your skills


The best tip to develop your skills is to practice a lot. To be a good writer, you need to read a lot too. If you have read much on the topic you are given to write, you automatically will have a lot of authentic information to put into your writing. Learning how to keep the reader engaged in your writing is also a very important skill to develop at this stage.

Create a portfolio/profile

Novel rule “First impression is the last impression “. Your first step is going to a website like, register yourself an account and start writing some blogs on random topics. These are your writing samples. This is what is going to get you your first gig because no one is going to hire you if they do not know how well you can write? So, if you approach someone for a gig or someone reaches out to you for some writing assignment, you should have some of you writing samples with you to attract them.

Other than, LinkedIn is a good example where you can publish your articles and connect with potential buyers. Also, there are tons of groups on Facebook where you can look for gigs. Using Social Media effectively helps a lot in early stages.

Find your first client

Finding your first client is never easy. This step is going to take some time as you would have no reputation. Prepare a nice pitch and start looking for potential clients on social media and freelancing website.
One thing you should adhere to in the start is to never leave a gig for money. As a starter, you need reputation and the only way to get that is by doing gigs. So, offer a discounted rate to clients to attract them and do your work honestly. Once you get through this initial stage, depending on the quality of work, you will start earning more and more orders based on referrals from your initial clients and this is how your profile with grow.

Final Thoughts

Taking a new step is never easy. However, in this journey the key to success is persistence. Once you do starting freelance writing one thing that should be part and parcel of your day is persistence. Passion and focus too are significant but persistence and consistency of good work is irreplaceable.

If you have made this far part of the article, there is the spark of becoming content writer in you. All the required information is right here and what you need to do is start right now. The road is tough, but once you get through the initial bumpy ride, rest of drive is going to be very smooth with payoff. Once you learn how to do this right, there will be nothing hindering your dream lifestyle anymore. The choice lies in your hands now.

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