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How Do I make $573/mo Setting Up WordPress Blogs

This is the best strategy for earning money online. It is the best way to earn by setting up and hosting Word Press blogs.
If you have a computer and the ability to set up the word press then you can earn money. It is a very simple process.

Why Does This Work?

This is great work as every people want the blog. Many people want to work but they do not have the idea of how to work. You can create the best potential customers.

How Much Can I Make?

Now we describe to you how much you can make in this way. If I show you my revenue breakdown then you will find a good idea.

I usually charge the $100 to set the blog. It’s mean that I develop the blog for customers and customers pay a huge amount of money. If you are able to develop a blog like me then you will also earn money like me.

Many people earn income by hosting the website. I usually earn money for almost $8/month to host the one site for customers.

.we can say that people can earn money by developing the blog or hosting the website. It is a very easy way of earning from home. If you have some knowledge of hosting and blog then you will earn the money.
However, I can show you the earning from last month. I made almost $ 600. I have set up the 5 blogs for the customers and earned a total of $ 500. These customers paid me hosting $40/mon so I earned $ almost $ 540 in April while I earned $ 432 in the month of March.

March Total Revenue = $432
April Total Revenue = $572

What You’ll Need

If you have set up the word press in the past and now are also willing to spend the money to earn then you have to know the basic things.

A reliable web hosting Account

It is the key part of generating earning, if you have the account that can hold the multiple websites then you can earn money from hosting. You can earn money by taking the monthly fee of hosting.

Access to premium WordPress themes:

If you have the ideas of themes then you can earn a lot of money. when you will set up the blog for your clients then you will need them . when you have a variety of themes then you will feel easy to develop the best blog for yourself.

Let me explain how I implement each step:

Sign Up for a web host that supports multiple domains

First of All,

you have to sign up for the web host that can supply the multiply domains. You should choose any plan for a web hosting company. But you should be careful in choosing the hosting plan. Always choose the plan that has multiple domains and has unlimited bandwidth. However, I use Blue host.

There are different plans for the Blue host but I choose the plan of $5.95 per month. There are unlimited things in this plan. You can host different websites in this plan as I do.

Access to lots of Premium Word Press Themes

The next important step for you to access the premium themes. When you will be able to offer the choice of premium themes then you will make more clients and you will get more orders of blog development.

I offer my clients a collection of premium themes. There are different studies to offer the entire collection of premium themes. You can also use the Word Press clubs to pay once and use unlimted sites. They have a lifetime license.

What about Domain Registration?

As many people are unable to register the domain and they have no idea. Then you can give the offer to register the domain in your plan. You can also earn money from this way by charging a huge amount of money. You can use the Name cheap for registration as it is cheap and you can manage the domains for the clients.

The Winning Proposition

There are some winning propositions as I have launched different blogs for clients and friends and they are earning a lot of money. You can also provide the existing client for some other service like social media advertising etc. The real growth area for this method can be lying in your acquaintances, like Facebook.

Keeping the momentum going

If you have clients and friends then you can get help from these clients. They can provide other orders from their friends. So you can earn more money from friends of friends.

If you have no idea to set up the blog then you can use the Bluehost where you can set up the blog with 1-click word press as you can install and enjoy the service. There are many tutorials for this purpose on Google and YouTube so you can get the idea.

You can also hire people from Fiverr when you have any problem. If you have any issues relating to Word Press then you can get help from the Fiverr.


I hope you will be excited to earn money as I am earning the money from these methods. You can also set up your blog and earn money. You can help other people and make the money from the home. It is the best way to earn a lot of earning from the home. Now in these days many people are earning money from internet.

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