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4 Ways to Get Paid to Take Pictures


You do not necessarily have to be a professional photographer in order to generate income by taking pictures. You can work and earn independently by taking pictures. However, you can get affiliation with a company and perform photoshoots for their various projects. In this particular ways, you can not only gain exposure and experience but also generate decent revenue. However, in this particular article, we will focus more on four main ways through which you can get paid by doing photoshoots on an individual level and scale.

Sell your pictures with the help of Apps

If you want to get paid for your photoshoots but are not willing to invest a lot, this is the right option for you. Selling your photographs with the help of applications is hassle-free. Plus it does not consume a lot of additional effort and time. Below mentioned are some apps which can benefit you in this way.

EyeEm is an application that allows you to sell your photos quite efficiently online. The EyeEm app reviews your gallery and selects the best quality photos itself. You can then decide whether you want to put them up for auction or not. The application is user-friendly. However, you only get to keep half of the total revenue generated. Foap is another application that provides a similar service and gives you half the payment. Foap although has an additional feature that allows you to submit exactly what a brand is exactly looking for. If they get selected, you will get paid for your photos.

Snapwire application is a little different. On this app, you earn money by participating in creative challenges. When people nominate your picture, you consequently clear the buyer requests and earn 70 percent of the total income. MiPic is one easy application to earn money with. The application checks your picture’s resolutions and chooses pictures accordingly which will print well. The app’s team arranges everything else including printing, publicity, and delivery. However, you will get only 20 percent of the money which is quite low.

Sell stock photos

Another simple way to get paid for taking pictures is via stock photo websites. You will simply upload your content on the website. Relevant companies and hardly will review your work and choose it if it matches their requirements.

Shutterstock is very popular because many people can but your pictures. The application is user-friendly and you will just upload your pictures. The app will give you a hint about what kind of pictures you will need. You will get your income, when the buyers do the purchasing. Adobe Stock is a great website like Pixabay made for selling photos online. The site gives you 33 percent of the overall revenue. As they bought another site some years ago, you will be getting double exposure to your content.

Snapped4U is an application that particularly chooses photos for events and occasions. You just have to upload your images with a price. Customers will buy your work and pay you accordingly.
Getty Images is another site that sells high-quality images. You just need to have a smartphone with a great camera to get good pictures. First, you apply online and if you get the acceptance your content goes live among 1.5 million users. Although it is a competitive process, you can earn up to 45 percent of the total income.

Sell your images as Art

If you find your photos artistic and different from the usual content, you can also try to sell them as art. There are some platforms that offer you this service so you can get paid for your photos.

Etsy is one such platform. It is a widespread online marketplace that people use for buying artwork and handcrafted goods. This marketplace allows you to set up your e-store and sell your work there. You just have to pay a little money before starting up, that’s it. Fotomoto is also a great place to flourish your photography venture. It is basically a service that deals with orders, printing, and shipping for you. It is helpful when you show interest in setting up your own website by Wirecutter for selling pictures. They provide efficient services for your business dealings.

Society6 is like the miPic app. Here you don’t sell your content exactly. What you do is get your content printed on stuff like mugs, shirts, and bottles even canvases. You will just upload your photos and choose what stuff you want to offer for auction. Although it is a good opportunity to get paid for your photography. You only earn 10 percent of the total revenue generated which is quite low.

Create a Photography Blog

You could also earn money by starting a blog page for photography. This might seem a bit challenging in the beginning. But once you tune to a specific pace, you will realize how versatile this idea is. As this will be your own space, you can decide what content to create, upload, and sell. For example, you can write about your whole experience and journey from being an amateur photographer to a professional one.

You can also talk about your themes and aesthetics and even collaborate with different photographers for photoshoots. Collaborating will not only expand your reach but it will also add diversity in your content. You can share photography tricks and tips on your website as well.

Blogs simply generate money when viewers click on advertisements within the blog. Or even when they buy stuff from links attached in blog content and articles. You can easily get publicity if you put consistent efforts into your blog. By providing valuable and unique content, moreover, marketing your blog site well, it can help you earn loads of dollars every month. The content you post is the reason why viewers will attract towards your content. So you should preferably use a good camera. Also, you should have proper photo editing software installed in order to improve your image quality. By keeping these little yet significant points in check, you can successfully generate a good income by selling your photos.


There are numerous ways to generate income by means of selling your photographs. But these aforementioned ways seem to generate income more efficiently and require less input. It is totally up to your own preference and liking that which option is the most suitable and for you.


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How to make money proofreading

Are you in the habit of making corrections whenever encounter grammatical mistake in creative writing? If so then you can surely get freelance proofreading jobs from home. With little training and guidance, you can make money proofreading. Proofreading is basically to read the provided document carefully. Making corrections where needed. The document passes through the eyes of proofreaders before getting published. It is his responsibility to make documents free from spelling and grammatical errors. Thus, it is a job of great responsibility.

There is a difference between editor and proofreader. The editor is responsible for cutting and adding important paragraphs, phrases, and sentences in the written content. On the other hand, for final reading that document comes to a proofreader to check any error left unseen by an editor. Here we will discuss a few points that will polish you to become a professional proofreader and help you make money proofreading.

What should a proofreader charge?

Proofreaders can charge up to $44 per hour but many of them are charging as low as $.02 per word. There are 20 Ways to Make $100 in a Single Day with proofreading online. As your experience increases so is your worth. Because it will enhance your skills and knowledge. Also, remember if you are proofreading and adding some more information to the content to make it more interesting. Then you will be doing developmental editing for which you have to charge extra money. So be sure what standard of proofreading services you are providing. This is how you can make money proofreading with your increasing experience.

Skills necessary for proofreading

If you are eager to work and want to make money proofreading then you must acquire the required skills. A good proofreader must know the business. He or she should be able to actively communicate with writers to clear any point that is unclear in the document. He should check the authenticity of the information given in the document. Good command of grammar and the English language is required. Must meet the deadlines as this work requires fast and good standard service. Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word is essential. He should be able to work on minute details and comfortably work on digital as well as print media.

Confine yourself to a decided niche

Proofreading is a vast working field. First, you have to decide on the proofreading niche. It engulfs print media, academic, transcript, marketing material, translation, and legal transcript proofreading. Print media proofreading includes newspapers, books, online, and printed publications. You need to check the spelling, grammatical, and formatting problems. Proofreading marketing material is very much in trend nowadays. Companies spend a lot of money on their advertisements. So, a little mistake in the content can ruin everything. Such companies hire professional proofreaders to eliminate mistakes in their ads, emails, and press releases. In academic proofreading citations and references are also checked in assignments.

In translation proofreading, the accuracy of meaning and context of translation is kept intact. This niche demand grip on the language to be translated. The podcast and YouTube hosts sometimes transcribe their audio and need it to be checked by a proofreader. Such proofreading is called transcript proofreading in which the proofreader checks the sense of sentence making and format it rightly. Legal transcript proofreading is a bit tough. Apart from grammatical and spelling mistakes, proofreaders have to check the accuracy of the court reporter transcript. He does so by putting punctuations at the correct place. So, you have to decide which niche is more effective for you to make money proofreading.

Training is essential for beginners

As mentioned earlier specific skills are necessary for proofreading. So, join a course or training institute if you want to make money proofreading faster. Some people do not aware of dos and don’ts of the proofreading. Online quizzes on Chicago and AP style helps to test yourself through a quiz. But still, it is not enough. Pyle set a course with the name “transcript proofreading: theory and practice”. This course gives students basic skills of proofreading, how to set up a business, and attract clients. They give you a certificate after completion of course.

Learn the proofreading tools

The most important thing is the tools that you are going to use for proofreading. Many software for checking plagiarism are available online. Grammarly helps to fix grammatical errors. Pro writing aid that focuses on the structure and context of the content. Hemingway App helps to make sentences clearer where needed. AP Stylebook, Chicago Manual of style, Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dreyer, and the element of style are some of the resources. They could help in proofreading documents accurately.

Important facts to consider

The best thing about earning money through proofreading is that it can also be done online. You can make money proofreading from the comfort of your home. In this way, you get freedom and can work according to the planned schedule. Moreover, you can also do some other works for earning extra money or can work with multiple companies. However, it has some disadvantages as well. It doesn’t guarantee a client who will work every month with you. Finding clients and getting their confidence is a bit tough job initially. Also, the earning is limited you cannot earn more than $50 per hour. So, you have to do some other job along with it. Although there are some advantages and disadvantages of proofreading online. But to make money proofreading is an interesting source of income.

Many companies around the world want their content to be free from error. Thus, they hire professional proofreaders to bring their content up to standard. Clear your goals by deciding whether you want to start your own business or to work through a site. But how to apply for jobs online. Upwork, Fiver, Indeed, LinkedIn are some of the sites that could help you make money proofreading online. Make sure the site you chose to work with should be reliable and clear payments on time. Because in the end, it’s your effort and hard work which should be paid timely.

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How to become an influencer and make money on social media


Becoming a social media influencer and getting paid for just posting has become a dream job for a lot of people. While for many others, it is a full-time job. They get paid for test driving a car, or staying in a hotel or getting free clothes. There are many successful social media influencers, in short period of time they have become very engaging, reliable and real.

They’ve made it seem as if the job to make money on social media is a job made for anyone. However, becoming a paid social media influencer takes more time than you think.
It is believed that to become an influencer on social media, there’s a lot of steps needed to be taken beforehand. Rightfully so, it all begins at your end and is not that simple. It takes time, effort and lots of training before you can get paid for social media posts.

How to become a social media influencer

Influencers are notable social media faces with a large and loyal fan following. Most influencers share a friendly relationship with their fans. These influencers are inturn taken to be the fans’ role models and follow their suggestions. They are often recognized as influential figures or professionals in their respective roles.
We have described some of the ways below for you to become a social media influencer:

Identify your Niche

The first step needed to be taken is to select your niche. Go for something unique and not used that much by other influencers. Yet, it should be in the line of interest of your fans. You should follow their needs, their interests and achievements so that whatever you come up with is of their liking. To build a firm groundwork for your social media brand, make sure to select a niche that isn’t overcrowded.

Build a strong foundation

Once you’ve identified your niche, its time to build your brand. At this point, you need to do detailed research of the social networking sites that pay money. Find out your competitors, the brands they’re collaborating with and whether there are any spaces needed to be filled. Once you do that figure out how to make them work in your favour and build your brand around here.

Choose a social media platform

You need to find a channel that addresses your target audience, then layout your strategies accordingly. For example, it is imperative to know the sort of brands facilitated in every specific stage. The goal is that the content you welcome on board is significant.

Publish your content

Once you’ve successfully crossed the above stages, its now time to start publishing your content. Work on creating new content every day and making regular posts. Your posts should be based on content that goes with every platform. To attract the audience, try and keep your posts short. It is advised to have various sized images together with the content as well.

How to make more money on social media 2020

There are various methods to earn money through social media. Here are several ways for you to make more money on social media.

Advertise associate products

You can find a lot of products to advertise on ClickBank no matter what sector you’re in. If it’s still not working out, you can always find a vast range of products on Amazon to promote. Just choose the products related to your line of profession, advertise them and earn commissions. The next step would be to promote the product through the most honest and best way ie. Reviews. If you’ve personally used a product, the best way to promote it would be through reviews on your blog. This will allow you to easily make money on social media.

Create and advertise your information products

You’ve proven your abilities on a particular subject over a period of time if you already have a blog. Opportunities like creating an e-book, video course or an audio program may arise and sell it to your audience. You are provided with the perfect opportunity to promote such a product and make legit more money on social media.

Social media sponsored posts

Once your audience grows, various brands might reach out to you to access your audience by publishing a sponsored post. The sponsored post appearing on your blog is posted on behalf of the brand and you get paid for it. Although Instagram is the best and reliable social media platform to make money, this can be done on any platform.


Another way to get paid for social media posts is by showcasing your photography skills. Photographs or presets could be sold online to earn money.

Brand Ambassadors

By advertising and promoting them, some brands may want to create a long term relationship with you. This is called a social media brand ambassador. Such relationships tend to offer a stable monthly income according to the contract based agreement held with the brand.


Another way for you to make money with social media jobs include webinars. Webinars are virtual events, held on the internet. The purpose of webinars is for influencers to give educational speeches to teach engagingly. Making webinars are not a difficult task at all. They can be recorded anytime whether its live or earlier and can be posted at any time. Never miss an opportunity if a brand wants to work with you on a webinar. Collaborating with them would be beneficial for you.


Although there are numerous ways for you to provide your influence and make money on social media. Be that as it may, the way you will take will rely on your niche, passion, skills and the brands interested in collaborating with you. Never miss an opportunity or conversations with brands or other individuals that might be interested in working with you. You can easily become a paid influencer, as long as you have the content layout and defined target audience.
We hope that this article helps you out in every possible way. Other than that, we wish you all the best.

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How to Make Money on Facebook: 5 Easy Strategies

With over 2 billion active users on Facebook every month, specific percentages are used daily. Many people and companies get to use the platform to make money apart from catching up with friends, reading news, or watching sports highlights. Recently, it seems natural to watch bloggers, company’s website owners, and even some of the regular people get to make money on Facebook. Most of them are fully engaging on the platform as a full-time generating practice8 for their income. Facebook has become an excellent place to make a few other backs, even for those who prefer doing it part-time. The article discusses five strategies that you can use to make cash on Facebook.

What are the five strategies you can use to make money on Facebook?

  • Managing Facebook Ads

Facebook has billions of users, and a good percentage of them are using it to conduct their business. Many business owners lack the time and resources to learn how Facebook Ads can get used in the market. There are little banners usually placed on the right side of the Facebook page and posts that get sponsored. Facebook Ads show up directly on the news feeds when a user accesses the page. Ads are a result of online cookies that appear as something the user is interested in, and users get to click, and they may buy the product in the end.

As an advertiser, you will earn money through the Ads, but you need to have the right systems first that get put in place. The process requires you to be in the business already for a while. Then, reserve some cash because it gets used as some trial and error before you find a copy of Ads that, when offered, can work. An excellent tracking tool is also required so that you know precisely how your Ads are working. Having a post of Facebook post that has caught the interest of many users who are engaging on it will monetize your clicks to go higher, and you can also boost it by paying some extra cash through SEO software. The strategy will help your post gets put in front of the others. For you to gain money through Facebook Ads, you need to promote your posts more.

Getting traffic through Traffics via your blog

One fantastic way that you easily make money through Facebook is through traffics gained by your bold post. A technological algorithm examines when you go online, and a click gets created on the online post. Most companies, organizations, and business people use traffic monetization through Facebook to generate money. The process doesn’t need to sell directly to users on the platform, but instead, they get compelled to click on the links you have posted on your Facebook page, and they immediately take them to your business website. The two-step marketing strategy only creates attention and interest through the clicks on Facebook. The best way to do this is to target a particular demographic, interest in your products, and the brand, which highly creates traffic.

* Selling of your product or service

There’s a big chance on Facebook that you probably won’t sell to your friend on the platform. Marketing your product or service directly to a customer and doesn’t need the client to get referred to an external blog or website. The super-easy way to sell your product is by creating a post on your wall or one of the Facebook groups before it goes live. Find some best Buying and Selling Group and explore your menu to filter which group is more active. Different policies and guidelines apply to each Facebook Group, and you must read them before posting your post.


  • Selling on Facebook Market

A Facebook Market place is a free-to-all feature where one can buy, trade, and sell anything locally. The site doesn’t get tied to local area sales, but you can sell to anybody who has access to the Facebook Market place. No fee is needed so that you can use the platform to sell a product or service, and people use their standard Facebook profiles to sell and buy just like on craigslist.

Mostly all transactions are local except for a few. And you don’t have to worry therefore about the shipping costs. Sell your items to people by posting quality pictures, and the local buyer should be right for you to achieve a successful sale.

* Managing Facebook Groups

Another way to make money on Facebook is by joining a group and getting to help answer people’s questions. The process is very viable for business owners and bloggers. Find a group that matches the areas of your expertise. The groups have found a way to replace the online forum role used before using Facebook in the online era.


A smart investor can join several investing groups, and they should help users answer the various investing questions, such as how to invest in free apps in the digital world. If the investment isn’t your area of specialty, then look for a group that you can relate with as a professional. The platform requires you to build your reputation, and you can also link your services to an external website so that other readers on the online platform read your answers. Traffic will get created with each page visit from the users, and potentially your search engine ranking will increase to a level that allows you to be an affiliate and earn the special commissions.

Pay attention to the group guidelines before going any further to post on the platform. Only moderators might get be allowed to post affiliate links or personal articles to promote their blog or website. The policies minimize spam, and the reader gets to have a smooth experience.


Try the different ways mentioned to be among the people who get to make money from the free accessible platform globally used by billions. It would help if you were an interactive member of your group, Market place, and the online buying and selling groups. If you are a member who runs Ads, you can gain re-curing income through the Facebook platform. Start utilizing this efficient way to market your products and services.

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14 Best Ways to Make Money on Amazon


Amazon is a Seattle based multinational company that is considered one of the best economically influential brands in the world. It is famous for providing a platform for digital marketing, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. Amazon is considered to be a few of the biggest e-commerce websites in the world that offers much more than a diverse variety of products, including clothes and gadgets to books, accessories, and much more.
Moreover, it also offers several different ways to earn money. It requires a bit of consistency in the start, but once your pace is steady, you can continue to generate a decent sum of money. In this article, we will explore several different techniques to make money through Amazon.

Selling handmade products on Amazon

Amazon handmade is a feature that lets people sell their handcrafted goods on Amazon. To do this we need to fill an application form which asks us to specify our nature of work and production procedure of our products. Allocating a personalized URL to an individual offers a great incentive to aspiring artisans and makes it easy for people to locate their shop online. Plus, Amazon won’t charge you with any additional fees.

Become Affiliate

Another easy way to earn money on Amazon is to become an affiliate. If you have a blog or website, you can earn a referral fee for your efforts by recommending high-quality Amazon products to your followers. When someone purchases the product through your affiliate link, it consequently generates your income as paid commission.

Amazon Merch

Merch by Amazon allows you to sell your artwork and designed clothing. You just need to make an account online, upload and specify your product- making it ready for online purchases. The company will grant you a royalty on each design sold. The payment will depend on the product’s cost plus tax as well as Amazon’s expense for the provided services. Also, you can sell your published books on Amazon. Amazon’s CreateSpace service allows you to design your hard copies.
Amazon Trade-in is a program that allows you to make a decent amount of money from home. You may sell your used and unwanted items. You will receive a gift card in exchange for the used items. They notify you through email if your products are live in the trade-in store. Shipping is also free.

Amazon FBA

One convenient way to make some money on Amazon is to sell through Amazon FBA. You don’t need to worry about packaging or product delivery. You need to send your stock to one of the Amazon fulfilment centres. You are only charged per unit fee depending on your item’s weight or in case the product needs to be stored, you’ll pay a storage fee. In fulfilment centres, you can also work as a warehouse associate.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

You can also earn money by completing outsourced work on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Once you are a remote worker of Turk’s army, you can complete tasks like content moderation and verification and survey participants to help you in a way to make money on Amazon. The work timings are flexible and tasks are not very tedious either.

Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store allows you to make money by online means by selling your apps. You’ll need to create an Amazon Developer account. Once you are recognized, enabling you to publish your app across thousands of devices in many countries. You can start making money after Amazon tests and approves your app. Amazon offers several resources that can help you market and publicize your app.

Retail Arbitrage

Retail Arbitrage is also a smart way to make money on Amazon. In this method, you will purchase wholesale products from brands like Walmart, H&M, and Target at discount. And then resell these items on Amazon for a profit. Many people who make money on Amazon through retail arbitrage avoid paying the cost of imported products from a foreign state. They will head directly into stores and load up on products they intend to purchase and sell. As a result, many of them spend time skimming through deals and clearance items available at their local stores. It allows you to earn almost $200-$500 monthly.

Online Arbitrage

Similar to retail arbitrage is another profitable way to earn through Amazon is online arbitrage. What’s different is that online arbitrage is that you’re buying products to flip on Amazon from other e-commerce marketplaces like eBay.

Amazon Skilled Services

You can also earn money on Amazon by providing skilled services online. Amazon Services can put you in touch with people who need to acquire your services. For example, a cook, a tutor, a pianist or guitarist, a plumber, or electrician. This is one of the easy-going methods to make money on Amazon, given that you’re able to clear a business background check included in the application. For provisions provided to homeowners, technicians are also needed to undergo background screening. This may be the most profitable means of making money on Amazon for free.

Earning through freelancing

Work from home is a freelancing incentive that Amazon offers. On its virtual location page, Amazon posts about a lot of job openings such as customer support representatives and technical support staff members. You can decide whether to work part-time or full-time depending on your convenience.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is an opportunity for drivers. A car and license are all you require to start earning from Amazon without any sort of investment. The driver can choose their working hours and deliver for Amazon in their spare time. It is a convenient method to make money on Amazon without money.


CamperForce program is also another way of earning on Amazon. A CamperForce associate will choose an occasional or weather-dependent task in an area. When the season arrives, Amazon will allocate an area then you will have to store, pack, and collect Amazon packages within the allocated area in your RV.

Kindle Direct Publishing

You can also earn a good amount of money by publishing your own created books. These digital books can earn you up to 70 per cent in royalties from the sales. There is also a facility known as Amazon CreateSpace from which you can make hard copies of your digitalized books. Hence, selling them will fill your pockets if the books are interesting.


Practising one of the methods stated above and being consistent can help generate a generous revenue stream to pay for an upcoming vacation or even free you from the confines of that 9 to 5 cubicle. Amazon is expanding every year in size as well as in status. To smoothen the workflow for Amazon, a majority of these earning methods were proposed.
As stated above, you have plenty of methods to earn a decent sum of money on Amazon without investing any money yourself. All you require is determination and you will surely find a way to make money from the world’s uncrowned king of eCommerce marketplace.

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How to become a Freelance Writer

This is the age of internet. Internet is flooded with loads of content in the form of blogs, research articles, product descriptions and reviews, stories, and what not. One wonders, who writes all this content? Who writes these mesmerizing posts for such professional websites? The answer to this freelance writers. Given all this Content writing is a hot, latest, in-demand skill these days. In this era of digital marketing, every business has gone online that brings needs strong marketing to survive and unique content is something that has proved to be very valuable in terms of reach and grow.

Coming to the point of freelance writing, it is not something that a person is born with. It is something you learn. One may have natural talent to write but that the more you practice, the more you learn. Freelance writing is a great opportunity for someone looking at options to increase his income as a side job, or even take it up as full job once you grow as the benefits are certainly un-matched as compared to other full time jobs.

The cool thing about freelancing is that the scope is unlimited. You are not limited to writing on one genre or one specific topic. You can explore as much as you want and pick whatever suits your style the most.

If you have read the article till now, you really are interested in learning how to become a freelance writer. So why wait more? Let us dive in and explore this ocean of opportunity.

Things to know before starting:

There are several things that you need to know before you decide to enter into freelance writing. First up are the types of writing. Some of the many kinds are:

Blog Writing

We all have read blogs at some point in our life. Blogs are general information or discussion websites where you can express your opinion over your choice of topic.

Writing for a blog would mean sticking to specific topic that blog covers and adhering to the boundaries of content. Blogs can be related to any things about any field of life.

Academic Writing

Academic writing refers to any kind of writing that is related fulfilling the needs or requirements of a college or university. It can be of any kind of written assignment or to solve numerical.

Advertisement Content Writing

Advertisement content writing refers to writing content with intention of selling or promoting something. It is interesting as well as challenging task and requires thorough research in order to appeal the customers.

General Topics Writing

This is a term with vast boundaries. Suppose you are asked to write on “Badminton Nets”. This does not come in any of afore mentioned categories. A freelance writer has to deal with such topics and learn the art to research about new things and write in a professional manner.

So, you have decided to become a freelance writer and now you are thinking what the next step is? Here is a step by step guide for you to help you start your freelancing career with a bang.

Steps to be taken:

* Develop your skills


The best tip to develop your skills is to practice a lot. To be a good writer, you need to read a lot too. If you have read much on the topic you are given to write, you automatically will have a lot of authentic information to put into your writing. Learning how to keep the reader engaged in your writing is also a very important skill to develop at this stage.

Create a portfolio/profile

Novel rule “First impression is the last impression “. Your first step is going to a website like, register yourself an account and start writing some blogs on random topics. These are your writing samples. This is what is going to get you your first gig because no one is going to hire you if they do not know how well you can write? So, if you approach someone for a gig or someone reaches out to you for some writing assignment, you should have some of you writing samples with you to attract them.

Other than, LinkedIn is a good example where you can publish your articles and connect with potential buyers. Also, there are tons of groups on Facebook where you can look for gigs. Using Social Media effectively helps a lot in early stages.

Find your first client

Finding your first client is never easy. This step is going to take some time as you would have no reputation. Prepare a nice pitch and start looking for potential clients on social media and freelancing website.
One thing you should adhere to in the start is to never leave a gig for money. As a starter, you need reputation and the only way to get that is by doing gigs. So, offer a discounted rate to clients to attract them and do your work honestly. Once you get through this initial stage, depending on the quality of work, you will start earning more and more orders based on referrals from your initial clients and this is how your profile with grow.

Final Thoughts

Taking a new step is never easy. However, in this journey the key to success is persistence. Once you do starting freelance writing one thing that should be part and parcel of your day is persistence. Passion and focus too are significant but persistence and consistency of good work is irreplaceable.

If you have made this far part of the article, there is the spark of becoming content writer in you. All the required information is right here and what you need to do is start right now. The road is tough, but once you get through the initial bumpy ride, rest of drive is going to be very smooth with payoff. Once you learn how to do this right, there will be nothing hindering your dream lifestyle anymore. The choice lies in your hands now.

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How Do I make $573/mo Setting Up WordPress Blogs

This is the best strategy for earning money online. It is the best way to earn by setting up and hosting Word Press blogs.
If you have a computer and the ability to set up the word press then you can earn money. It is a very simple process.

Why Does This Work?

This is great work as every people want the blog. Many people want to work but they do not have the idea of how to work. You can create the best potential customers.

How Much Can I Make?

Now we describe to you how much you can make in this way. If I show you my revenue breakdown then you will find a good idea.

I usually charge the $100 to set the blog. It’s mean that I develop the blog for customers and customers pay a huge amount of money. If you are able to develop a blog like me then you will also earn money like me.

Many people earn income by hosting the website. I usually earn money for almost $8/month to host the one site for customers.

.we can say that people can earn money by developing the blog or hosting the website. It is a very easy way of earning from home. If you have some knowledge of hosting and blog then you will earn the money.
However, I can show you the earning from last month. I made almost $ 600. I have set up the 5 blogs for the customers and earned a total of $ 500. These customers paid me hosting $40/mon so I earned $ almost $ 540 in April while I earned $ 432 in the month of March.

March Total Revenue = $432
April Total Revenue = $572

What You’ll Need

If you have set up the word press in the past and now are also willing to spend the money to earn then you have to know the basic things.

A reliable web hosting Account

It is the key part of generating earning, if you have the account that can hold the multiple websites then you can earn money from hosting. You can earn money by taking the monthly fee of hosting.

Access to premium WordPress themes:

If you have the ideas of themes then you can earn a lot of money. when you will set up the blog for your clients then you will need them . when you have a variety of themes then you will feel easy to develop the best blog for yourself.

Let me explain how I implement each step:

Sign Up for a web host that supports multiple domains

First of All,

you have to sign up for the web host that can supply the multiply domains. You should choose any plan for a web hosting company. But you should be careful in choosing the hosting plan. Always choose the plan that has multiple domains and has unlimited bandwidth. However, I use Blue host.

There are different plans for the Blue host but I choose the plan of $5.95 per month. There are unlimited things in this plan. You can host different websites in this plan as I do.

Access to lots of Premium Word Press Themes

The next important step for you to access the premium themes. When you will be able to offer the choice of premium themes then you will make more clients and you will get more orders of blog development.

I offer my clients a collection of premium themes. There are different studies to offer the entire collection of premium themes. You can also use the Word Press clubs to pay once and use unlimted sites. They have a lifetime license.

What about Domain Registration?

As many people are unable to register the domain and they have no idea. Then you can give the offer to register the domain in your plan. You can also earn money from this way by charging a huge amount of money. You can use the Name cheap for registration as it is cheap and you can manage the domains for the clients.

The Winning Proposition

There are some winning propositions as I have launched different blogs for clients and friends and they are earning a lot of money. You can also provide the existing client for some other service like social media advertising etc. The real growth area for this method can be lying in your acquaintances, like Facebook.

Keeping the momentum going

If you have clients and friends then you can get help from these clients. They can provide other orders from their friends. So you can earn more money from friends of friends.

If you have no idea to set up the blog then you can use the Bluehost where you can set up the blog with 1-click word press as you can install and enjoy the service. There are many tutorials for this purpose on Google and YouTube so you can get the idea.

You can also hire people from Fiverr when you have any problem. If you have any issues relating to Word Press then you can get help from the Fiverr.


I hope you will be excited to earn money as I am earning the money from these methods. You can also set up your blog and earn money. You can help other people and make the money from the home. It is the best way to earn a lot of earning from the home. Now in these days many people are earning money from internet.

20 Ways to Make $100 in a Single Day

Well, it’s about a long time when I started to earn $100 a day as I have learned lots of techniques and strategies to work online and earn money. That too $100 a day. So, why not to share those ideas with others as well.

So, its time to dive into the deep pool of ideas from which you can easily earn $100 a day by working online. If you’re serious about this topic and literally want to make $100 a day, check out this article to the last.

Person Holding Black and Grey Pen

Person Holding Black and Grey Pen

1: Google AdSense

The very first method which needs very few works to earn $100 a day is through Google AdSense. You can simply make your blog and attach a Google AdSense account with it. Attaching your Google AdSense account is very easy. Just go to the main website of Google AdSense and signup with your credentials.

Then you have to provide the link of your blog or website and if Google thinks your blog is well suitable to shows ads, it will approve your request and you can start earning from google ads. Basically, AdSense will show ads on your blog and if you’ve good organic traffic and someone clicks on the ad, you’ll be paid from google.

2: Text Links

The second way to earn $100 a day is through text links. If you’re unfamiliar with text links, then make sure to read the related article first. Basically, you are paid when you insert someone’s link to your website.
Like, if you have a website and you are getting high traffic on that, so there are tons of big companies who are ready to pay you $100 for inserting their link to your website. So, it’s a solid way to easily earn $100 a day.

3: Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are another good way to earn $100 a day. Basically, sponsored posts are those posts when big companies want you to talk about their product. Simply, you will do the marketing of their product. So, you just have to write something good about their product.

You will have to be careful while doing this because it can even affect your own website as well. So, don’t advertise everyone blindly. Make sure they are trustable, and they are providing good products else you will lose the trust of your readers as basically you are recommending them to use that product. So, be careful while doing this work.

4: Affiliate Marketing

This method is the most lucrative method to make $100 a day. Affiliate marketing simply means you have to promote someone’s product by inserting a link to buy that product. So in short, you are selling the product, but you don’t have to make any physical shop, nor you have to ship that. All of your work will be done by the companies link you are using in your article.
Many companies are happy to pay you $100 for each product. It depends on your viewers and article. The more people buy the product from your link, the more money you will make.

5: Display Ads

Display ads are just like google AdSense but here you will be paid when someone sees them. Unlike Google AdSense, where someone has to click on the ad and after that, you will be paid.
In this method, you will just show different ads on your website and the total number of views to the ad will determine how much you will earn. For doing this, you must have high organic traffic on your website

6: Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another great method to earn $100 a day. You just have to write articles and blogs for different companies and websites, and they are happy to give you $100 for each article.
Doing this work is also beneficial for you in terms of exposure as you will get a lot of experience while writing for different companies. It’s a great way to make $100 a day sitting at home and working from there.

7: Getting New Clients for Your Business

Getting new clients can be a big struggle for your business and many people try to get them from boring seminars and cold-callings. You can adapt a new strategy to make new customers and make more sales. You can use your website as a marketing tool to write a blog and articles about your business.
This strategy will definitely worm if you have a great viewership and readers on your website. This will surely help you in getting more clients and that results in more sales.

8: Coaching

Coaching is somehow a very decent way to earn money and make a $100 day easily. As the word describes, coaching means teaching to others in which you are expert. It’s a great way to make money because you can do it by sitting at your home.
There are a lot of websites where you can be a mentor and teach something. In this method, you won’t have to invest anything but your time. Also, there are people who are ready to pay you $150 per hours of your consultation. It depends on your niche what you’re going to teach. So, choose accordingly.

09: Digital Products

That’s some pretty easy way for you to make $100 a day by selling digital products. Digital products are just like software, printables, e-books, pdf and much more things like them.
Lots of people download informative pdfs and e-books online. So, you can make your own e-book or any pdf and sell them online. I know there are lots of other software or pdfs but still you can add more of them on your online store. That’s an easy task to make that much money in a day. Though they cost very much less when you got so much traffic on your web, you will get high sales resulting in more money.

10: Online Courses

Just like digital products, you can make online courses in pdfs and also YouTube series. It’s the same as coaching but there you will teach something live but, in this case, all you have to do is make an online course or series and upload them on your website or YouTube whatever.

It’s a great way to earn some quick money coz the more interesting your content would be, the more people will buy and recommend your course which will result in a great number of sales. Also, it’s a single time investment. Because you have to make it only once and sell it. Make an online course in the niche you’re expert and rest your content will do the job.

11: Investment Gains

Buying ETFs or stocks can be another great method to earn easily $100 a day. You can make an online account like brokerage account and buy the stocks. Personally, I just loved this method and it helped me to make $100 per day easily.

Just make sure that it’s always crucial to do additional investments with the online business that for sure rack up your passive income. So, just go with simple account on TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, or some other easy accounts and you’re just good to go
There are hundreds of ways to invest online so there is no excuse to not going for that. You have to take the risk to do big in life.

12: Peer-to-Peer Lending

It’s being a lot time I’m making enough money with this peer-to-peer lending method. You can use websites like Lending Club where investors and borrowers can connect mutually for the positive financial transaction. One can invest in crowdsourced loans for the people who will borrow money. And for sure, returns would be high enough to make passive income.
The best thing in doing this is that you will help someone and side by side, you will earn passive income. It would be a good question if you ask which platform should be chosen for sign-up. So, I’m mentioning some of them here. For investors, peer-to-peer platforms are Prosper, Lending Club, Funding Circle and Upstart.

13: Crowdfunded Real Estate Investing

If you have some extra bucks to invest, I suggest you invest in real estate. The best and the simplest website for this is the Fundrise. With this, you will create an account and add money in it. So, the investors who are professional in this field will invest this money on your behalf and you will be paid some dividends accordingly.

This is a great way if you are serious about investing in real estate. If you don’t want any hands-on hassle and your moony to be invested in right direction, I will simply suggest you get started here. You can start with as low as $500 but the income is beyond your imaginations

14: Sponsored Social Shares

As I have already discussed sponsored blog post, there is also an option of sponsored social shares will company will pay you to post on social media about them. This can only be done if you have a great following on social media platforms.

It is obvious that companies are gonna pay only if you have enough followers who will see your posts on social media and in return, they will get sales. So, it’s a great way to make money without doing anything

15: Selling Stuff Online

It is the easiest way to earn money and you can make $100 a day easily. All you have to do is make on online store and start selling anything you can make. There is also a concept of dropshipping where you don’t have to make or store things. You just show other people’s product with your own prices.
You can even make a store on Facebook or Instagram and sell things there. You can sell home decoration things, kitchen items, clothes, and whatever you like. It’s the simplest job to make more than $100 a day.

16: Sell a Physical Product

Selling a physical product is another great method to earn money. You can see many YouTubers running their own stores and merchandise. Obviously, they are getting enough money from there that’s why they are running those stores. And if you have high fan following, there is a great chance that you will earn more than $100 a day. I personally recommend this method to earn some high income as your side business.

17: YouTube Ads

You can earn a handsome amount of money by adding ads on your YouTube videos. It’s a great way to earn because you just have to add the ads to your videos. As your viewers get increased, you will make high income from that. Many YouTubers are earning even $5000 to $6000 per month. That’s great income.

18: Buying and Selling Websites

Buying and selling websites is another emerging method to earn money. It’s also an easy task and you can do this by sitting at your home. Just buy a website, do some designing and sell it with extra money. These methods are super easy to do, and you can easily manage to make $100 and even more a day.

19: Brand Sponsorships

Just like sponsored posts and social shares, many companies want you to give a complete promotion package to them. Not like just only posts or blogs, the big companies will buy your complete package in which you will do all of the promotion things like blogs, social shares, videos and all of that. You can see that most of the methods only need fan following. If you have that, money will contact you automatically like this one. Companies will contact you and will pay you to post things and share information about them.

20: Book or eBook

And the last method which I have already discussed is to write a book or you can say an e-book. Just write what you know about any topic and interesting people are gonna buy that. The best part of writing an e-book is that you have to write it once and you will be paid every time when someone buys that book.
So, another easy way to earn $100 a day that too without any special efforts.
The Bottom Line

So, these were some of the easy ways by which you can easily make $100 a day and even more. All it depends on your hard work now. The more serious you take things, the more you will explore and learn.
This learning will help you to earn passive income in the near future. Well, there are a lot of other methods which we haven’t talked about, but you can explore them on your own. Just put your step in this field and start earning online.

computer monetor

How to make money on YouTube

We often see people living in neighborhoods, spending lives with limited sources just like us and suddenly they are going on tours in Dubai, meeting celebs, and behaving rich. How just suddenly happened that made your life suddenly happening from the ordinary one? When you ask them about it, they simply tell you about subscribing their YouTube channel and liking videos. You may feel it a mare entertaining however this is true. YouTube is a platform that can give you biggest huge bucks within days and make you hero from nothing. It sounds crazy but it’s true. Social Media is the most powerful medium to do anything you want and when it comes to earning money, YouTube social media does wonders.

Here, I am telling you about some simple and easy tips regarding how you can make money on YouTube in the matter of a twitch.

Decide the Type of Channel:

First of all, before doing anything, you will have to decide for the contents that you are intended to upload on your YouTube channel. For example, if you want to make it an entertainment channel by uploading funny videos or you want to make it more like informative by uploading educational content. Here, I would like to clear one thing that you don’t necessarily need to appear in the video to upload it on YouTube. You can simply use your voice or even texts, however make sure whatever type you choose is interactive to watch for the audience and grab their interest. Once, you have decided for the YouTube content, here it comes to creating the channel.

Create a YouTube Channel:

You will have to create your YouTube channel as a first step on the ladder of earning of money. This is not a hard thing to do in fact these days with a smartphone, you already have channel however you don’t have information. Whenever you sign in on YouTube with your email, your channel is created. You can use same channel created through your personal email or make a new one. Also, you will have to give your channel a name, make sure to create a name that’s interactive and show your niche.

Upload Contents with Strategies:

When everything is done, it is time that you upload contents that you already had created on your YouTube channel. Here are some tricks that you will have to follow:

  • Do not do bombardment of the videos on first day by uploading back to back videos. Give your viewers time to watch your first video, work on it, spread it, make it viral and after that upload the second one.
  • Try to figure out the time in which you upload your videos. This thing matters a lot because it will bring you views and feedback. The type of your channel will figure out the uploading time of your videos.
  • Decide for a time in which most of your users come online. For example; if you are making a channel for small babies who don’t go to school, you can upload videos at 9 in morning when mums give their babies mobile and get busy in house chores.
  • If you are making a channel for adults, don’t upload in morning evenings, nights and lunch breaks are the time when you will get views. Keep this in mind.

Use Uploading Tactics:

Here, you will have to be a little technical when it comes to uploading videos. These tactics will ensure that your videos will be shown on YouTube again and again. Here, you will have to:

Person Holding Tablet Computer Showing Videos
Person Holding Tablet Computer Showing Videos
  • Use proper hashtags – these hashtags should be related to the niche and video you are uploading but they should also be trending ones that people want to see. These hashtags can be found by looking at the trending keywords.
  • Give a great title related to your video.
  • Give your video a small, compact, yet grabbing description. This caption is what will make people intrigued to click on your video and watch it.
  • Also, you will have to add a good thumbnail to your video. This is to enhance the visible desirability of your video to intrigue people for clicking it.

Never Lose Hope:

You are not going to get views, like, shares, and followers overnight so if you don’t see a good response on your page, don’t lose hope. You can use some further plans and strategies to attract people to your YouTube channel such as sharing your content links from time to time on your social media accounts, being regularly updated about your channel, and involving your friends in spreading your contents.

Strategies to Earn More Money:

Moreover, if you need to get overnight rich and get likes faster and better, here are some tips to come handy for you:

  • Make AdSense account for YouTube.
  • Try all new and better monetization features.
  • Try to ask famous channels to collaborate with you by sending them reviews, views, and even money.
  • Be partner with brands and remain active.

Some Precautionary Measures:

When you are making a YouTube channel though you are using your personal skills however you are sharing it on the biggest social media ever seen. Here, you will have to take some precautions regarding:

  • Not using foul language.
  • Being funny but not rude.
  • Keeping your audience temperament in mind.
  • Never hitting on a race, religion, or ethnicity.
  • Don’t spread hate with your content.
  • Remain general and don’t be specific about a race, religion, or cast.
  • Be entertaining.

Bottom Line:

These tips will surely help you to become rich by earning more and more money with your YouTube channel. One thing I would like to remind you here is that it will take time of some months for you to get views and likes. You may also find issues in collaborating with other channels. Try to pick small channels because they are also trying to grow and will surely take your hand. Be consistent and see miracles happening to your income.

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How to Become Financially Independent as a Stay-at-Home Mom?

When a parent decides to stay at home, he/she has to give up many things including his/her financial independence. In basic households, a mother is the one to make this sacrifice for her kids. Doing house cores, taking care of the kids, doing grocery, cooking etc. i.e. an exhausting unpaid labor, is done by housewives.

Coins & calculator

The worst thing is to become dependent on your spouse for your financial needs and due to this, he will take the charge of the house and show dominancy. Moreover, you start to feel as if you are not contributing to the well- being of the family.

As stay- at- home moms (SAHMs) cannot go out on a daily basis; they often ask whether they can earn from home. The answer is yes, ofcourse. SAHMs can earn from home with some planning and different ways.

Online work

This is the most common and successful way to have financial independence while staying at home. All you need is a computer/ laptop and a good internet connection. Online working includes the following:

. Make a blog

For a start, you can work for a blog company or you can also make your own blog. The key is to follow the latest trends, be creative and consistent. When your blog reaches a good amount of audience, the brands and companies would want to publicize their products through your blog. You can earn money by advertising or selling products as well.

. Online Surveys

These surveys are less complicated but the amount of money would be limited.

. Start your own business

You don’t need an MBA degree to start a business online. It can include cooking, selling clothes or direct contact with the customers with massages etc. It all depends on the things which you are comfortable with in your house.

. Freelance writing or data entry jobs

You can do freelancing or data entry jobs online and also call center jobs from home. Depending upon your interests, you can also give online lectures or make useful YouTube videos and earn from there.

. Part time jobs

If you cannot do a full time job due to your responsibilities at home, then you can always do a part time one. Never let your talent go to waste. Try volunteering or doing shifts at a restaurant or do whatever you are good at like try giving cooking lessons at home etc.

. Make a plan

Having a financial plan is important. Setting your goals, make budgets and try to act accordingly. Consult a financial advisor as well.

No matter how your marriage is, you should be financially independent. Even being a stay- at- home mom, you can accomplish more than you think, you are capable of more than you give yourself credit for. These tips will give you an idea about working from home and you will start seeing things from a different perspective. Believe in yourself first and the rest will follow through.