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Investing in Real Estate How to start as a clueless Beginner

Many of us didn’t even know the meaning of real estate. It’s a right over the property, land, building, air rights, and rights above and below the land. There are four types of real estate i.e. commercial, residential, industrial, and land which include a working farm, ranch, and vacant land. People make quick and easy money in just one deal. Buying and selling property is a common business nowadays. If you are eager to invest money and new in the field of real estate. Beware because thousands of people are in this business for years. Proper learning and knowledge of real estate business are necessary. You must follow some important steps to get benefits. Here we have gathered those steps for you to get benefit from your invested money.

Increase your knowledge

Knowledge of the real estate business counts a lot if you want to excel in this field. A little mistake can cost you millions of money loss. Read books on real estate investing methods. Learn about the old sharks in the ocean of real estate. Remain up to date with the news, podcasts, and contact with other investors to get an advantage from their experience.

Be sure about your goals
Setting goals is important in the real estate business. Clear a few questions in your mind. Do you want to keep real estate earning as a side business earning? Are you planning to make money for early retirement? Or you want to set up a proper real estate business. Plan your goals and income. This will let you choose the most appropriate strategy for your real estate business.

Choose the right investing strategy
To gain entry into real estate chooses the right investment strategy. Look at the period and income you are investing then decide which strategy you will follow.

In crowdfunding, developers take small investments from various investors to increase capital rather than asking one investor for a huge investment. It is good for those who have little money to invest.

House hacking
House Hacking is when you live in the property and rent out some of its parts like spare rooms to get rent. You can also buy a multifamily house and can put on rent each unit separately. This will help you to live free or by spending little money.

In this real estate investing strategy, the investors buy a property at a low price. Repair it and sell it at a bit higher price. For this strategy, you need additional money to renovate the house. But this strategy could be fruitful if the property is bought and sold quickly.

The wholesaler searches for the deal and comes on a contract with the seller. Then they find a buyer. He sells the contract to the buyer with more than the actual amount. Pay money to the seller and keep the profit as his fee. This strategy is workable if you are efficient in finding good deals. No other charges are required like for renovation etc. good communication with investors is required along with patience and good research.

Buy and hold
Under this strategy, people buy a single-family house and rent it out. They hold it on rent for longer. This strategy doesn’t give you immediate income but does get some profit. Some people rent out their residence when decide to move somewhere else. If you want to follow this strategy in the future, then buy your next house by keeping in view the details. Another thing investor do is buying a multi-family property. Such a building has more than one unit. Each unit can be rent out separately. You can also fuse house Hacking strategy in this.

Buy and hold vacation rentals
Instead of getting into long term rental contracts, you can also put your property on vocational rent. Like if somebody needs a building for one or two months.

Calculate the money you need
Carry out proper research on all the strategies and see how much money is required to follow a specific strategy. For example, wholesaling doesn’t require investment. The same is with crowdfunding. While flipping requires some initial investments

Make a plan
Once you have chosen the investing strategy, planning becomes compulsory. Proper planning is necessary for a business to run successfully. The plan, however, should not be difficult. Just take out a pen and write down points like goals, strategy to follow, the time required, target market, property criteria, backup plans, marketing plan, and financing options. To get your plan done you can get help from books or consult real estate agents. Your plan should also include the deadlines to meet and how much to earn each month. By planning deadlines, you will be able to finish the task before time

Began to save money
To buy property savings are important. You can save money by cutting down expenses, selling expensive stuff, raising funds, or by saving from your monthly income. To speed up the plan you can also find an investor who can spend money but doesn’t have time to do work. Partnership with such person will save you time, money and you only need to put the effort from your side. But be sure to come into a legal contract with your partner or hire an attorney for legal protection.

Find the best location
The location of your property counts a lot in this matter. Because if you are buying property near your house it will be in front of your eyes. You will be able to maintain it by yourself, finding a buyer will be easy as you are familiar with the market of your area. While on the other hand for long-distance properties you need a caretaker, the market is unfamiliar, and you have to depend on other agents to find deals. The decision lies in your satisfaction. Whether you want your property to be maintained by others or you want to find deals yourself. The answer to these will help to decide.

Deals analyzation
When you get a deal make an essential analysis. It is important to see whether the property will give a profitable return or not. There are many rules to analyze the deal but these three are the immediate ones:

  • Monthly rent should be equal to 1 or 2% of the property price.
  • 50% of the after-mortgage income will fulfil property expenses
  • 70% of the payment should be of the value of the property after repairs.


Team building
The beginners in real estate business often want to work alone. But working in a team will get more benefit to the business. Your team must include a legal advisor or attorney, real estate agent, lender, CPA, title company, property manager, contractor, and escrow officer. Socialize with other experienced investors because they can be a good teacher. You can learn from their experience and they can provide you with funding or investment when needed.

It’s time to buy the deal
When you have gone through all the above step you can now make your first investment. But before buying inspect the property carefully. Take into account minor details and neighbourhood. These things are very important if you want to resale the property with much profit.

Property management
If you are going to flipping the property, then quickly take necessary measures. Renovate it quickly by hiring a contractor. So, you can put up for sale instantly. For renting, however, you need to manage it for long term use. Also, If the property is near to your house, you can maintain it by yourself. But if not then find a service provider for maintenance.

Create a system
After getting your first deal successful. You may want to go for more and many. Once you are prepared to handle multiple deals create a proper system with employees and managers. Do your marketing by using your social network or through emails.

So here we have the steps that could help you out in the real estate business. Hope you will find these steps workable to gain profit. The real estate business is not a tough work to do. It only has hindrances which we need to remove by following these simple steps.





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How do you manage your investments? Here are 13 rules for a successful portfolio

These are 14 rules that I will share with you for long-term trading. Answers that led investors to a false sense of security in view of the size of the risk that everyone takes instead of purely for strong central bank interventions, and to be familiar with the definition of trading-related risk to understand the importance of those rules, Howard Marx says in a great article for him.
If you ask what the risk is in investment markets, then you will say: the risk here is losing money.
But there are two dangers that lie in wait for those in the market that you cannot reduce together: the first, the missed opportunities, and the loss of money. But to limit the risk of one of them you have to ask here: How do you protect yourself from these two dangers with safe positions? ?

It’s like a comedy, about a person making a decision. On his shoulders an angel and a demon sit. The angel tells him not to do something like this, because this is not a good idea or a suitable one for you, and it will throw you into trouble.
On the other side, Satan mites, you have to enter, to make a fortune. In the end, the devil wins.

Others see caution, maturity, and the right decision-making as past things. Hence price bubbles are created in the markets, the desire to get rich outpaces any desire, and that desire creates in the markets fraudsters as well, like Bernie Madoff. ”

Free from feelings

Howard continues to discuss the importance of depriving feelings when managing a portfolio.

How to avoid falling into the trap of Satan?

I do not have abundant feelings as someone who entered the field 45 years ago, in which I gained extensive experience. In fact, most of the investors I know are not aligned with their feelings. If you are passionate and lead your feelings you will buy from the top, in the case of enthusiasm that includes everyone. It will be sold to the bottom when everyone is desperate in the market. You will sacrifice like everyone else, and you’ll always be on the wrong end of the game. “

So the lack of feelings is one of the most important criteria in creating a successful investor. If you are not able to take away your feelings, you should not invest your money, points. Big investors take positions against the market, and here they do not take them once, but this is how they work. This method consists of making rational decision in times of high tension, and their decisions are usually against what everyone else does. That is why stripping yourself of feelings is one of the main reasons for opposing the markets. “

What you are seeing in the markets now is not new, the risk is shaken off by the dust of March, the corona spray, the federal system floods the American financial system with cheap cash, and the media praises the progress, and individuals are sweeping the markets at the present time.

Greed and fear
Here the role of emotional deprivation in dealing with your money stands out.

To win their rewards from the great opportunities available, logic now allows everyone to participate in the feast, but the feelings of “fear” and “greed” increase an individual’s exposure to risks, increase his anxiety about the many things he has reached in his hand at the present time, and makes him up for any breakdown to lose His nerves are full. And usually emotional decisions have the worst results over time.

As Howard points above, at these times an individual has to set aside feelings, and strictly adhere to investment discipline. For this reason, I decided to share the rules that contribute to the enjoyment of investment discipline.

I follow a simple set of rules and I am usually marked as pessimistic, to rely on fundamental analysis, to look at the data in front of me, and not what I hope to reach. In fact, she is neither pessimistic nor optimistic. Which forms the core of my investment portfolio. Here I focus on managing long-term risk and generating returns.

Did he make mistakes? Absolutely

Do feelings creep into the decision-making process? Undoubtedly.

One tries to mitigate mistakes by looking at price and economic and fundamental analysis,
Which form the basis of exposure to risk and asset allocation.
In conclusion, we are human beings, we all suffer from the same things to varying degrees.

The following rules are the “control limits” that we want to enjoy:

The 13 rules

1- Sentiments based on decisions do not lead to any success (buy at high price – sell on low) so set realistic goals that can be worked on (without a specific goal, all deals will become arbitrary).
2 – You have to stay on the safe side and rely on the long-term as you follow the trend (80% of the performance of investment portfolios is determined by the long, monthly trend. While the simple tide contributes to lifting all boats, the islands also sink everyone – meaning that short trades can Be profitable and destructive at the same time,
3- If you are not prepared to bear the losses when they occur, you should not invest in the first place. The investment discipline is useless if it is not followed by losing the money.

4- Go ahead with the winning positions and reduce your loss positions.

5- Don’t let the trading opportunity transform the course of your long-term trading (rule number one, all purchases are deals, until your theory is correct.

6- The investment process greatly improves your chances of success when the fundamental analysis confirms the technical movement of prices (this applies to bull and bear markets).

7 – Do not under any circumstances increase the position of a loser (only the losers increase their loss, according to Paul Tudor Jones).

8- Markets are either bears or bulls, at a time when bulls prevail, be long (sell) or neutral positions. And at the time of the bears, it became selling or neutral positions (it is the bears and bulls that determine the direction in the long term).

9- When markets trade at or near extreme cases, the herd is opposed

10 – If you have tested something and succeeded, repeat it again. If it does not work, do not try to overdo it.

11. Buying and selling signals are only feasible with their application (management without controlling for sale or purchase is designed to fail.)

12- No strategy works 100% accurate all the time. You have to be consistent with yourself, control your mistakes, and increase your chances of winning.

13 – Managing risk and volatility (controlling the variables that lead to errors, to generate profit as a side forum for the class

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Future of Banks is digital after Corona Virus

Pandemics have always changed the world for some good and a lot of bad. Millions of people died in several pandemics in the past, as thousands are dying in the current pandemic situation going on. Coronavirus has turned several things upside down in the world. From businesses to industries, to systems and individuals, humans are adapting towards the situation day by day.

The banking system in the world is not untouched from the coronavirus pandemic that has continued its havoc to wreak upon us. Since social distancing is the new normal, and the socializing of humans is at an all-time low businesses are rapidly adapting themselves with the situation. Banks, in the pandemic, are seeing the rise in their digitalization. Many experts predict that the future of banking is digital where nothing would require the customer of a bank to present himself in the nearest branch, especially for any transaction. This prediction about the digital future of the banking system all over the world is out there before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world and took under control. It is just the case that despite knowing everything the way customers interested in the banks, transactions, businesses, brands everything was changing at a slow rate. The security and confidentiality, the use of data by banks, etc. are witnessing a review of the policies. The pandemic acted as a catalyst in the change.

Here are some activities of some companies in last few months to look at an insight into the developments in banking systems which the pandemic catalyzed that allow their customers to pay through a gateway of their own or a third party:

* PayPal and Honey: PayPal acquired the shopping assistant and rewards program company Honey for four billion dollars. This acquisition has been done after PayPal expanded its reach to the e-commerce sector in November. This signifies the importance and building of financial services that have become part of the new normal life after the COVID pandemic.

* Apple and Goldman Sachs: these two companies are giants in their own fields. One of them which is Goldman sachs is an esteemed rating agencies for economies through the world while other is a technology giant. Apple announced that the partnership will follow the same pattern when apple had joined hands with Amazon to use it’s a platform for payment. The new apple credit card allows apple users to lay using their own iOS digital wallet app.

* Visa and Plaid: Visa is known as a service provider and a big company in the global banking ecosystem. The pandemic situation has made the company to buy startups, several in number, aggressively to expand its business. In one such move plaid has been acquired by the common in five billion dollars.

These are a few examples of what is going on after the pandemic hit the World in the banking ecosystem globally and locally in various countries. All the procedures are going digital. World health organizations in its guidelines encourage contactless consumption or usage of any kind of services. Hence people are encouraged to order products prepaid and pay the businesses digitally.

Positive impacts of Corona Virus on the Banking ecosystem:

First, let’s talk about the bright side. One of the major reforms as we can say has been being witnessed in the banking system is the increasing virtualization of the bank customer interactions. Even earlier, digital services was there but inky as an option. But now we, both organizations and customers have remained that digital is not an option. It can be made the only choice. And so far it has not disappointed. Growing awareness and new generations familiar with advanced technologies have been becoming the bridge of conventional banking and the post pandemic banking system which is going to be the new normal. There were a lot of security concerns earlier as well, but slowly but hopefully they are being tackled with by the governments as well as the companies. The pressure from the customers has forced the banks to further compel traditional banking institutions to fast track their ddigital efforts to digitalize themselves.

And that is why, as we saw in the above examples of companies trying up with financial technologies service companies to handle their payment stems which are going to be digital.
More developments due to the pandemic in the banking system are reported as resulting in market instability, several acquisitions are taking place by large banking institutions of the smaller ones or bigger companies hiring banking service sector companies for their business transactions earlier that were almost none digital.

Negative impacts of coronavirus on the Banking system

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has never been seen before. Not only the financial institutions are impacted the customer is also being affected and hence it is resulting in a valid change in customer behavior. The surge in the insecurity of customers to invest in safer options than playing at a risk has impacted the VC funding of existing and new financial technology firms. The worst effect of the pandemic situation can be said on those companies which are being shut down because bigger fintech companies have tied with traditional companies who were not digital at all before the pandemic.

Not only this but the coronavirus has made the world slow down and become still. Many countries because of the pandemic have been in full and partial lockdown for months and hence the transactions by customers to institutions using their banks and their payment services has become a downfall side of the roller roster ride the banking ecosystem is on. The fintech service companies used to charge a small fee on every transaction from their customers but since the number of transactions is touching new low daily the fees and the revenue of these companies are also becoming fewer and fewer day by day. The banking ecosystem is also affected by the closure of hardware providing companies and industries for their smooth functioning.

The pandemic has affected each and every sector of the economies globally. Things are never going to be the same as it was in pre pandemic world. And the baling ecosystem is no exception.

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What is a Notary and What Does a Notary Do?


A licensed notary is a lucrative, employable and professional position. It is also called the notary public. However, the duties of a notary vary. Moreover, it plays an important role in signing an agreement. However, Its role is available in every country. So, the people of the USA avail of this service frequently.

Table of Content

Notary Duties & Responsibilities


Education, Training, & Certification

Notary Skills & Competencies

Job Outlook

Work Environment

Work Schedule

Comparing Similar Jobs

Duties of a Notary Person

Notaries and notary signing agents can manage the witness signatures on documents. So, We are going to describe some Notary duties and responsibilities. Therefore, some duties are given below

  • Having legally binding signatures.
  • The Notary can affirm the state of mind of all signees.
  • Identify any fraud and coercion
  • Completion of the notarial certificate on all documents
  • Involvement of the administration oaths
  • Handle any affidavits, contracts, loan documents, and legal documents.


Although to become a notary is a rewarding job but it is not an easy job. You have to deal with some legal documents and official agreements. So, any person related to this profession is taking the annual salary of $19000 -$51000.In some cases, therefore, the notaries can make the payment of per documents. There are many formalities. It is a legal job. He has to face unlimited liabilities.he has to work hard for this job. He has to travel for this purpose.

Education, Training, & Certification

1- Education:

There is a need of simple qualifications, and in some countries like the United States, there is a need to pass an exam to become a notary. There are different standards in each country and state. Some requirements may include the minimum age of 18 years and no criminal records.

2. Certificate

There is no specific certificate for this, and it requires a simple application. There will be an extra fee when the notary performs as the notary agent.

3. Training

There are some specific training for a notary, and you can also get help from online courses from the national notary association website. You can get the best online course for notary.

• Notary Skills & Competencies

There are some standard requirements of skills for a notary as required for legal secretaries. Some skills are given below,

1- Verification:

There is some verification for everything in front of them before making any signatures. So the notary person can check the identification of both parties. All the regulation of notaries applies to the state level.

2- Record Keeping

Laws require to keep all the records of notaries in the journal. So it is the primary obligation of notaries to keep the names, times and locations. Both party information is recorded. So record keeping is necessary for a notary.

3- Familiarity with Legal Documents

Every document like a loan, passports, and affidavits are legal documents. You should know the identification of people signing notary responsibilities as well as familiar with these documents.

4- Flexibility:

Many notaries have to travel for their customers, so this profession requires some flexibility. It is necessary to work with a customer’s schedule and location.

Job Outlook

If there are more notaries in some areas, then there will be lower demand for that person otherwise in some regions and states it is challenging to find a notary. So due to high demand, the notaries earn more income as they pay higher charges. However, in some areas, mail-carrying storefronts can supply the service so their demand may be low in these areas.

Work Environment & Schedule

Notaries work in a traditional office, and their environment is always the same as the conventional office. However, Self-employed notary has many chances of mobility. They can work as per the customer requirements and timings. They can work even at night time. The work schedule of a notary can be flexible as it maybe 9 to 5 office job.

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What Every Manager Needs To Know About the Succession Planning

What is Succession Planning

 The succession process is that process where an organization ensures the recruitments of employees and filling of each key position within an organization. Through this process, the critical post remained opened. The management can fill key posts within the organization. This is a systematic process for preparing the employees to fill the vacant posts. 

Importance of Recruiting

Succession plans are very important for any can give opportunities to the senior’s employees to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities as well as the promotion of an organization. 
As it is the systematic way so it can involve the transfers to different jobs or departments, and on job shadowing. So it can give some opportunities to the employees to see various jobs.
With the expansion of any organization, there is a chance of loss of key employees. It can give the opportunities to the senior’s employees to get the promotion and fill the critical position of an organization.

Who Needs Succession Planning?

There is a need of succession planning for every organization. The cross-training can help any organization for employees to prepare themselves to fill the vacant post of employee resign. Another employee can perform the same role. 
It is the process is identifying key positions in the organization and mapping out the ways to ensure the organization has the right people in the right place with the right skills and experiences.

Filling Succession Roles

Succession planning is the way to commit their employees to refill the vacant posts. So employees remain ready to take over the responsibilities for the vital job. It will allow the managers to know the critical employee for their organization. 

Advantages for Employees

Every employee wants to promote, and he waits for critical positions, so employees know the importance of new roles and critical areas within the organizations. 

The next role can boost the self-respect and self-esteem for employees. Further, it will also increase the efficacy and values of an employee. It is also a way of desire for career development as well as care opportunities by identifying the skills and experience of that position. 
When there is a career plan for employees, then they will work hard to achieve career goals. 
In every organization, the values of an employee are shared at the creation of any opportunity. 

Advantages for Employers

Employers can grow their organization with the help of their employees. Further, they don’t need to hire any specialists from outsourcing at the time of any resignation from the crucial position. When there is a loss of critical employees, then it will undermine the abilities to accomplish the main objectives of your organization. The Succession planning will help you to make necessary changes without being hampered by a lack of replacements.
The employers can choose the best employees t to refill the critical roles as the managers share skills, knowledge, and experience of all employees to top management. So the employers can give them better opportunities of career development. 

Develop Employees for Succession Planning:

There are different ways to develop the need of your succession plan like 
New Assignment to Special projects
Team leadership Roles
Internal Training 
External Training     

The organization can maintain superior employees as they are motivated and engages to see the career path. For effective succession planning, you should identify the organization’s goals. As every organization needs to identify the developmental needs of their employees so it will give a chance to the employees to fill the critical position, and it will also increase the retention rate of employees for any organization. 

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How to Become Financially Independent as a Stay-at-Home Mom?

When a parent decides to stay at home, he/she has to give up many things including his/her financial independence. In basic households, a mother is the one to make this sacrifice for her kids. Doing house cores, taking care of the kids, doing grocery, cooking etc. i.e. an exhausting unpaid labor, is done by housewives.

Coins & calculator

The worst thing is to become dependent on your spouse for your financial needs and due to this, he will take the charge of the house and show dominancy. Moreover, you start to feel as if you are not contributing to the well- being of the family.

As stay- at- home moms (SAHMs) cannot go out on a daily basis; they often ask whether they can earn from home. The answer is yes, ofcourse. SAHMs can earn from home with some planning and different ways.

Online work

This is the most common and successful way to have financial independence while staying at home. All you need is a computer/ laptop and a good internet connection. Online working includes the following:

. Make a blog

For a start, you can work for a blog company or you can also make your own blog. The key is to follow the latest trends, be creative and consistent. When your blog reaches a good amount of audience, the brands and companies would want to publicize their products through your blog. You can earn money by advertising or selling products as well.

. Online Surveys

These surveys are less complicated but the amount of money would be limited.

. Start your own business

You don’t need an MBA degree to start a business online. It can include cooking, selling clothes or direct contact with the customers with massages etc. It all depends on the things which you are comfortable with in your house.

. Freelance writing or data entry jobs

You can do freelancing or data entry jobs online and also call center jobs from home. Depending upon your interests, you can also give online lectures or make useful YouTube videos and earn from there.

. Part time jobs

If you cannot do a full time job due to your responsibilities at home, then you can always do a part time one. Never let your talent go to waste. Try volunteering or doing shifts at a restaurant or do whatever you are good at like try giving cooking lessons at home etc.

. Make a plan

Having a financial plan is important. Setting your goals, make budgets and try to act accordingly. Consult a financial advisor as well.

No matter how your marriage is, you should be financially independent. Even being a stay- at- home mom, you can accomplish more than you think, you are capable of more than you give yourself credit for. These tips will give you an idea about working from home and you will start seeing things from a different perspective. Believe in yourself first and the rest will follow through.


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What Is Micro Investing?

Micro investing as you can understand by the name itself that investing with very little amount. So, these are the apps with which anyone can start investing only as low as $5. These apps are specially designed to convert the art of investing in fun by providing user-friendly interfaces. They basically made every description easy for you so that you should know what and why are you doing.

That doesn’t mean these apps will teach you the details of investment and its theory. Instead, they will allow you to do hassle-free process of getting started irrespective of how many assets you have. If you’re serious about it and ready to use your intelligent mind, you can even earn some handsome amount from these apps.

Coins next to the calculator
Coins . calculator

Why young fellows Love Micro Investing

Due to the rise of so many platforms especially Acorns and Stash, millions of young fellows have invested in Micro Investing. Because, these platforms are very user-friendly, easy to use and now becoming like a game.

Truly, this micro investing has synced good enough with the present lives. As these platforms are available on apps so it’s also easy to use and manage these accounts on the smartphones. For sure, it’s not the platform that will be used by your grandpa.
When it comes to registering on these apps, these are super easy to do. They will hardly take two minutes for all of the setups and along with this, you don’t have to talk with some agent as well. This all will be done with a stylish investment app and your little amount of money.
Since there are so many apps with investing feature but I will show here some best of them.

# Acorns

This investing app is the most popular app among all micro investing apps. It has a very cool design that can be easily understood by everyone and also how to use it. If you’re a true beginner, then I recommend you to go with the Acorns. It is best for you because it assumes all of its users as beginners so it will perform accordingly. You can start your investing career with as little as $5.

How it Works:

Acorns will ask some questions from you and depending on them it will provide you with a portfolio about the financial goals. It will select the ETFs low-cost exchange-traded funds instead of the individual bonds and stocks to make the portfolio for you.

Later on, you can sign up for Acorns for the additional fee that will let you open the IRA. For another fee, the Acorns app has a special checking account to boost your investment account

.Unique Features

Acorns app also allows you to make manual as well automatic deposits. It has also a round-up feature by which you can round your purchase to the nearest dollar. So that the difference can be deposited to your investing account.

By linking your credit or debit card with the acorns, you’ll get access to the money found partners. This will be useful for you when you do some shopping. In return, you will get some cashback in your investing account. These retailers include Expedia and Lyft.


Acorns app has the following charges for its monthly packages

. Acorns Core: $1

. Core and Acorns Later: $2

. Core and Acorns Later with Acorns Spend: $3

# Stash

Bronze Coins
Bronze Coins

Another cool investing app for the ones who are beginners to the investment is the Stash app. The company reports about its users as its 84% of customers are new to this. Just like Acorn, it only needs $5 to kick-start.

How it Works:

Stash has a little bit flexibility from Acorns in terms of choosing your individual investments. It has a diversity of Stocks and ETFs so that the user has more options to put a custom portfolio. If you’re just a beginner and very conscious about the money, then Stash can help you by creating a portfolio by itself.
The Stash provides IRA to the users with its growth plan with an extra fee. You can upgrade your stash plan to Stash+ plan and as a reward you will get IRA plus to use on up to 2 accounts.

Unique Features

Stash has many deposit options for the users like automatic deposit, one-time deposit, round-up deposit and even 4th option as smart-stash. This feature is used to automatically stash money instead of setting up times and minutes.

Stash also provides the users a checking account. You will also be provided with a debit card that will give you cash-back in terms of stocks for the purchases you do every day.


There are three levels of service in the stash

. Beginner: $1/month
. Growth: $2/month
. Stash+: $9/month

. Betterment

Coins aligned
Coins aligned

Betterment is another investing app which is considered as the best robo-advisors of all the time. Though it is providing app facility most of the people go with its website for investing.

How it Works:

Once you start making your account, betterment will ask some questions so that it determines what type of account you are willing to open like personal account or some IRAs. They will also check your goals and your risk threshold. And after that, they will choose a suitable portfolio and will manage it for you as well.

The only thing that is in your hand is to deposit money. You can choose between manual deposits and automatic deposits. They also don’t have any limitation of depositing on account opening so what are you waiting for. Get your account today and start depositing whenever you have enough money to invest.

Unique Features:

You might not find the betterment as flashy or showy as the other micro investing platforms, but they are also different in many ways. Betterment offers a much more universal way to invest. You can totally rely on betterment in terms of investing needs. Even to save you more money, they are backed by an investing technique as tax-loss harvesting.


Charges of the betterment are fair enough. They have an annual fee of 0.25% as the main investing service. When you upgrade your account to premier plan then the annual charges will be 0.40%.

# Robinhood

Robinhood comes with an objective to make investing as cheap and easy for individuals as it is easy for big companies. But the Robinhood’s app is a little advanced and not friendly for the newbies so if you’re new in investing I recommend you to not go with Robinhood.

How it Works:

This app allows you to purchase individual stocks, cryptocurrencies and ETFs. It also has some options where you don’t have to pay trading fees. Well, it doesn’t offer that much features which Acorns and Stash do.

Here at Robin-hood, you are at your own. It means there is no option for automatic investments or deposits. That’s why it is specially made for the experts of trading. Along with this, Robin-hood has some limitations in buying stocks as you can only buy the whole shares and they might be very expensive too.

Unique Features:

The biggest feature which made it unique from others is the offer it gives to the users. You can trade totally free. Usually, you have to pay a $10 fee per trade. So with the Robinhood, you can save a lot of money when you trade regularly


The platform of Robinhood is totally free to use. If you want to go advance in trading and do investments on margins, upgrade your free plan to Robinhood Gold. In the gold plan, the fee will be $5 per month.

. Stockpile

It can be a problem for someone if he has to buy an individual stock because it is too much expensive. And it would be a great problem if you’re running out of money. That’s where Stockpile is gonna help you.

How it works

The Stockpile provides one easy way to invest. It works as you can buy fractional shares of the stocks and ETFs. So I should here tell you that this app is not gonna help you with what should you invest. You’re at your own and have to decide for yourself.

Unique Features: 

The speciality of stockpile is that if offers to buy fractional shares of individual stocks, bonds and ETFs. By having this offer, you don’t have to make huge investments with some high price tag. Basically, with the stockpile, you just buy only a portion of stock for an effectively reduced price. You can start trading and investing in the stockpile with as minimum as $5.


It has a fee of $0.99 for every trade you made.

Is Micro Investing a Good Choice?

These micro investing apps are generally designed to be attractive. Many people love them as they do really help in investments for the newcomers. But there are also factors too that you should consider before deciding whether these apps are good and right for you or not.
One of micro investing’s strengths is that you can get started with whatever money you have today. That’s great for reducing the barrier to entry, but it has other side effects, too

Minimum Deposit Requirements

One of the best thing that micro investing gives to its user is that you don’t have to be rich enough to get started with it. You can just start with as little money you have.

“I’m cautious to depress anyone from saving the money for future,” says founder of the Approach Financial, “but to achieve goals like, financial independence, education funding, or a key purchase, you need substantial dollar expenses. My fear is that folks feel as they’re doing much more than they really are with these investing apps.”

Though this micro investing is a great start, but one shouldn’t be relying on these occasional deposits of few dollars as a primary approach of saving money.

Limited Options

Another factor with micro investing is that due to a lot of apps available, the choices for investing is limited to their attractive and neat package. You can’t make a portfolio with full ranges of funds or stocks that is a big asset for your wealth for the long term.

Well, they are pretty much good for the starters who want an easy investment but in the long run, you’ll need other methods too.

Investment Returns

Every person likes to get a return on their investments. So, most of the people use these investing apps and invest in funds and stocks for which they seem fun and interesting to them. In the end, it’s a good thing as because of this people like to invest

But this story isn’t the same for all. A fund or stock that you’ve invested in can grow poorly and even its value can decline also. This is what you never want to see as it’s not good for your money as well.

Along with this, most of the investing apps have relatively high fees on trading as compared to the other competitors. So, you have to keep this in mind as it can eat your money resulting in losing your earnings.

Micro Investing: A Long-Term Strategy

Micro investing is an excellent investing tool making the concepts and access especially to the beginners so easy and effective. Those people who don’t know even about basics about the stock market can now invest in funds, stocks and ETFs all because of Micro investing. Though it’s a great tool for investments it’s not good to be your entire strategy of investing.

Just make sure that you are considering how this micro investing fits in your broader wealth-building dreams.

You should use these apps as a booster for your investing journey. With these apps, learn how to do investments effectively, and after that use online brokers, investment advisors or robo advisors to create an attractive portfolio for your goals.

After all, these apps are just a great tool to use but one thing that makes the difference is how you use these apps.



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How to Cash a Check without a Bank Account

Checks are small pieces of paper on which amount details, name of the treasury, and other details are added and later signed by the treasury holder for cash withdrawal. These checks can be used by self or given to any person to receive amount of cash that’s written on it. Withdrawing cash via check is easy when you have a bank account. However, there are also some ways in which you can withdraw cash without a bank account. Details are given as below:


women and man on computer

Go to Bank or Treasury From Where Check Belongs:

Checks are always issued by banks and there is no treasury that doesn’t accept checks. Moreover, to withdraw cash, you don’t need a check. All you need is a check that’s legally given to you by the account holder. Remember that you cannot withdraw another check from another bank. Such as if you have check From ABC bank, you cannot cash it from DEF Bank. So, first thing you would do there is find the name of the bank from where the check belongs. The name of the bank is always written at the top of your check. After that, visit the nearest branch of the bank and go for check withdrawal. After some verification and official things, you will be given the amount of money written on the check.

Find a Retailer or Store That Accepts Check Payments:

Another way you can use to withdraw cash is by visiting a retailer or store that accepts check. There are many grocery and other stores that accept other payment options than the cash. All you have to do is find the store and visit. Remember that a retailer or store holder will not give you cash against your check however will ask you to do shopping equivalent to the amount written in the check. You will do shopping and while paying for the price you would hand over the check. After some necessary verifications and security assurance, your payment will be proceed and you can come with your shopping. It works just like payment of credit or debit card.

Exclusive Stores Dedicatedly Available For Cash Withdrawal:

One more way in which you can withdraw cash is find a treasury store that accepts check and give you cash. Here, you don’t need to do shopping with your check neither you require to visit a bank. These stores have cash with them and facilitate people in terms of cash withdrawal via check. You can find so many cash withdrawing stores in your area and can visit any one of them in order to receive cash. Go there and after necessary verification you will get your money back. However, there is a disadvantage attached to this type of check cash. The disadvantage is that these treasury holders charge you an amount or fee for your check withdrawal. The will cut the fee form the amount and handover rest of it to you.

Things to consider while withdrawing Cash via Check without a Bank Account:

When you go to withdraw check without having a bank account and especially from those treasuries that charge you fee for cash withdrawal, make sure to remember these things:

. Make sure that the company you select for cash withdrawal is genuine and authorized.

. Make sure that cash you receive is not based on fake notes and have original bank notes.

. Make sure that you are not followed by thieves after your cash withdrawal.

By keeping these things in mind, you can easily Cash a Check without a Bank Account.