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14 Best Ways to Make Money on Amazon


Amazon is a Seattle based multinational company that is considered one of the best economically influential brands in the world. It is famous for providing a platform for digital marketing, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. Amazon is considered to be a few of the biggest e-commerce websites in the world that offers much more than a diverse variety of products, including clothes and gadgets to books, accessories, and much more.
Moreover, it also offers several different ways to earn money. It requires a bit of consistency in the start, but once your pace is steady, you can continue to generate a decent sum of money. In this article, we will explore several different techniques to make money through Amazon.

Selling handmade products on Amazon

Amazon handmade is a feature that lets people sell their handcrafted goods on Amazon. To do this we need to fill an application form which asks us to specify our nature of work and production procedure of our products. Allocating a personalized URL to an individual offers a great incentive to aspiring artisans and makes it easy for people to locate their shop online. Plus, Amazon won’t charge you with any additional fees.

Become Affiliate

Another easy way to earn money on Amazon is to become an affiliate. If you have a blog or website, you can earn a referral fee for your efforts by recommending high-quality Amazon products to your followers. When someone purchases the product through your affiliate link, it consequently generates your income as paid commission.

Amazon Merch

Merch by Amazon allows you to sell your artwork and designed clothing. You just need to make an account online, upload and specify your product- making it ready for online purchases. The company will grant you a royalty on each design sold. The payment will depend on the product’s cost plus tax as well as Amazon’s expense for the provided services. Also, you can sell your published books on Amazon. Amazon’s CreateSpace service allows you to design your hard copies.
Amazon Trade-in is a program that allows you to make a decent amount of money from home. You may sell your used and unwanted items. You will receive a gift card in exchange for the used items. They notify you through email if your products are live in the trade-in store. Shipping is also free.

Amazon FBA

One convenient way to make some money on Amazon is to sell through Amazon FBA. You don’t need to worry about packaging or product delivery. You need to send your stock to one of the Amazon fulfilment centres. You are only charged per unit fee depending on your item’s weight or in case the product needs to be stored, you’ll pay a storage fee. In fulfilment centres, you can also work as a warehouse associate.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

You can also earn money by completing outsourced work on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Once you are a remote worker of Turk’s army, you can complete tasks like content moderation and verification and survey participants to help you in a way to make money on Amazon. The work timings are flexible and tasks are not very tedious either.

Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store allows you to make money by online means by selling your apps. You’ll need to create an Amazon Developer account. Once you are recognized, enabling you to publish your app across thousands of devices in many countries. You can start making money after Amazon tests and approves your app. Amazon offers several resources that can help you market and publicize your app.

Retail Arbitrage

Retail Arbitrage is also a smart way to make money on Amazon. In this method, you will purchase wholesale products from brands like Walmart, H&M, and Target at discount. And then resell these items on Amazon for a profit. Many people who make money on Amazon through retail arbitrage avoid paying the cost of imported products from a foreign state. They will head directly into stores and load up on products they intend to purchase and sell. As a result, many of them spend time skimming through deals and clearance items available at their local stores. It allows you to earn almost $200-$500 monthly.

Online Arbitrage

Similar to retail arbitrage is another profitable way to earn through Amazon is online arbitrage. What’s different is that online arbitrage is that you’re buying products to flip on Amazon from other e-commerce marketplaces like eBay.

Amazon Skilled Services

You can also earn money on Amazon by providing skilled services online. Amazon Services can put you in touch with people who need to acquire your services. For example, a cook, a tutor, a pianist or guitarist, a plumber, or electrician. This is one of the easy-going methods to make money on Amazon, given that you’re able to clear a business background check included in the application. For provisions provided to homeowners, technicians are also needed to undergo background screening. This may be the most profitable means of making money on Amazon for free.

Earning through freelancing

Work from home is a freelancing incentive that Amazon offers. On its virtual location page, Amazon posts about a lot of job openings such as customer support representatives and technical support staff members. You can decide whether to work part-time or full-time depending on your convenience.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is an opportunity for drivers. A car and license are all you require to start earning from Amazon without any sort of investment. The driver can choose their working hours and deliver for Amazon in their spare time. It is a convenient method to make money on Amazon without money.


CamperForce program is also another way of earning on Amazon. A CamperForce associate will choose an occasional or weather-dependent task in an area. When the season arrives, Amazon will allocate an area then you will have to store, pack, and collect Amazon packages within the allocated area in your RV.

Kindle Direct Publishing

You can also earn a good amount of money by publishing your own created books. These digital books can earn you up to 70 per cent in royalties from the sales. There is also a facility known as Amazon CreateSpace from which you can make hard copies of your digitalized books. Hence, selling them will fill your pockets if the books are interesting.


Practising one of the methods stated above and being consistent can help generate a generous revenue stream to pay for an upcoming vacation or even free you from the confines of that 9 to 5 cubicle. Amazon is expanding every year in size as well as in status. To smoothen the workflow for Amazon, a majority of these earning methods were proposed.
As stated above, you have plenty of methods to earn a decent sum of money on Amazon without investing any money yourself. All you require is determination and you will surely find a way to make money from the world’s uncrowned king of eCommerce marketplace.

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How to become a Freelance Writer

This is the age of internet. Internet is flooded with loads of content in the form of blogs, research articles, product descriptions and reviews, stories, and what not. One wonders, who writes all this content? Who writes these mesmerizing posts for such professional websites? The answer to this freelance writers. Given all this Content writing is a hot, latest, in-demand skill these days. In this era of digital marketing, every business has gone online that brings needs strong marketing to survive and unique content is something that has proved to be very valuable in terms of reach and grow.

Coming to the point of freelance writing, it is not something that a person is born with. It is something you learn. One may have natural talent to write but that the more you practice, the more you learn. Freelance writing is a great opportunity for someone looking at options to increase his income as a side job, or even take it up as full job once you grow as the benefits are certainly un-matched as compared to other full time jobs.

The cool thing about freelancing is that the scope is unlimited. You are not limited to writing on one genre or one specific topic. You can explore as much as you want and pick whatever suits your style the most.

If you have read the article till now, you really are interested in learning how to become a freelance writer. So why wait more? Let us dive in and explore this ocean of opportunity.

Things to know before starting:

There are several things that you need to know before you decide to enter into freelance writing. First up are the types of writing. Some of the many kinds are:

Blog Writing

We all have read blogs at some point in our life. Blogs are general information or discussion websites where you can express your opinion over your choice of topic.

Writing for a blog would mean sticking to specific topic that blog covers and adhering to the boundaries of content. Blogs can be related to any things about any field of life.

Academic Writing

Academic writing refers to any kind of writing that is related fulfilling the needs or requirements of a college or university. It can be of any kind of written assignment or to solve numerical.

Advertisement Content Writing

Advertisement content writing refers to writing content with intention of selling or promoting something. It is interesting as well as challenging task and requires thorough research in order to appeal the customers.

General Topics Writing

This is a term with vast boundaries. Suppose you are asked to write on “Badminton Nets”. This does not come in any of afore mentioned categories. A freelance writer has to deal with such topics and learn the art to research about new things and write in a professional manner.

So, you have decided to become a freelance writer and now you are thinking what the next step is? Here is a step by step guide for you to help you start your freelancing career with a bang.

Steps to be taken:

* Develop your skills


The best tip to develop your skills is to practice a lot. To be a good writer, you need to read a lot too. If you have read much on the topic you are given to write, you automatically will have a lot of authentic information to put into your writing. Learning how to keep the reader engaged in your writing is also a very important skill to develop at this stage.

Create a portfolio/profile

Novel rule “First impression is the last impression “. Your first step is going to a website like, register yourself an account and start writing some blogs on random topics. These are your writing samples. This is what is going to get you your first gig because no one is going to hire you if they do not know how well you can write? So, if you approach someone for a gig or someone reaches out to you for some writing assignment, you should have some of you writing samples with you to attract them.

Other than, LinkedIn is a good example where you can publish your articles and connect with potential buyers. Also, there are tons of groups on Facebook where you can look for gigs. Using Social Media effectively helps a lot in early stages.

Find your first client

Finding your first client is never easy. This step is going to take some time as you would have no reputation. Prepare a nice pitch and start looking for potential clients on social media and freelancing website.
One thing you should adhere to in the start is to never leave a gig for money. As a starter, you need reputation and the only way to get that is by doing gigs. So, offer a discounted rate to clients to attract them and do your work honestly. Once you get through this initial stage, depending on the quality of work, you will start earning more and more orders based on referrals from your initial clients and this is how your profile with grow.

Final Thoughts

Taking a new step is never easy. However, in this journey the key to success is persistence. Once you do starting freelance writing one thing that should be part and parcel of your day is persistence. Passion and focus too are significant but persistence and consistency of good work is irreplaceable.

If you have made this far part of the article, there is the spark of becoming content writer in you. All the required information is right here and what you need to do is start right now. The road is tough, but once you get through the initial bumpy ride, rest of drive is going to be very smooth with payoff. Once you learn how to do this right, there will be nothing hindering your dream lifestyle anymore. The choice lies in your hands now.

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Future of Banks is digital after Corona Virus

Pandemics have always changed the world for some good and a lot of bad. Millions of people died in several pandemics in the past, as thousands are dying in the current pandemic situation going on. Coronavirus has turned several things upside down in the world. From businesses to industries, to systems and individuals, humans are adapting towards the situation day by day.

The banking system in the world is not untouched from the coronavirus pandemic that has continued its havoc to wreak upon us. Since social distancing is the new normal, and the socializing of humans is at an all-time low businesses are rapidly adapting themselves with the situation. Banks, in the pandemic, are seeing the rise in their digitalization. Many experts predict that the future of banking is digital where nothing would require the customer of a bank to present himself in the nearest branch, especially for any transaction. This prediction about the digital future of the banking system all over the world is out there before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world and took under control. It is just the case that despite knowing everything the way customers interested in the banks, transactions, businesses, brands everything was changing at a slow rate. The security and confidentiality, the use of data by banks, etc. are witnessing a review of the policies. The pandemic acted as a catalyst in the change.

Here are some activities of some companies in last few months to look at an insight into the developments in banking systems which the pandemic catalyzed that allow their customers to pay through a gateway of their own or a third party:

* PayPal and Honey: PayPal acquired the shopping assistant and rewards program company Honey for four billion dollars. This acquisition has been done after PayPal expanded its reach to the e-commerce sector in November. This signifies the importance and building of financial services that have become part of the new normal life after the COVID pandemic.

* Apple and Goldman Sachs: these two companies are giants in their own fields. One of them which is Goldman sachs is an esteemed rating agencies for economies through the world while other is a technology giant. Apple announced that the partnership will follow the same pattern when apple had joined hands with Amazon to use it’s a platform for payment. The new apple credit card allows apple users to lay using their own iOS digital wallet app.

* Visa and Plaid: Visa is known as a service provider and a big company in the global banking ecosystem. The pandemic situation has made the company to buy startups, several in number, aggressively to expand its business. In one such move plaid has been acquired by the common in five billion dollars.

These are a few examples of what is going on after the pandemic hit the World in the banking ecosystem globally and locally in various countries. All the procedures are going digital. World health organizations in its guidelines encourage contactless consumption or usage of any kind of services. Hence people are encouraged to order products prepaid and pay the businesses digitally.

Positive impacts of Corona Virus on the Banking ecosystem:

First, let’s talk about the bright side. One of the major reforms as we can say has been being witnessed in the banking system is the increasing virtualization of the bank customer interactions. Even earlier, digital services was there but inky as an option. But now we, both organizations and customers have remained that digital is not an option. It can be made the only choice. And so far it has not disappointed. Growing awareness and new generations familiar with advanced technologies have been becoming the bridge of conventional banking and the post pandemic banking system which is going to be the new normal. There were a lot of security concerns earlier as well, but slowly but hopefully they are being tackled with by the governments as well as the companies. The pressure from the customers has forced the banks to further compel traditional banking institutions to fast track their ddigital efforts to digitalize themselves.

And that is why, as we saw in the above examples of companies trying up with financial technologies service companies to handle their payment stems which are going to be digital.
More developments due to the pandemic in the banking system are reported as resulting in market instability, several acquisitions are taking place by large banking institutions of the smaller ones or bigger companies hiring banking service sector companies for their business transactions earlier that were almost none digital.

Negative impacts of coronavirus on the Banking system

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has never been seen before. Not only the financial institutions are impacted the customer is also being affected and hence it is resulting in a valid change in customer behavior. The surge in the insecurity of customers to invest in safer options than playing at a risk has impacted the VC funding of existing and new financial technology firms. The worst effect of the pandemic situation can be said on those companies which are being shut down because bigger fintech companies have tied with traditional companies who were not digital at all before the pandemic.

Not only this but the coronavirus has made the world slow down and become still. Many countries because of the pandemic have been in full and partial lockdown for months and hence the transactions by customers to institutions using their banks and their payment services has become a downfall side of the roller roster ride the banking ecosystem is on. The fintech service companies used to charge a small fee on every transaction from their customers but since the number of transactions is touching new low daily the fees and the revenue of these companies are also becoming fewer and fewer day by day. The banking ecosystem is also affected by the closure of hardware providing companies and industries for their smooth functioning.

The pandemic has affected each and every sector of the economies globally. Things are never going to be the same as it was in pre pandemic world. And the baling ecosystem is no exception.