20 Ways to Make $100 in a Single Day

Well, it’s about a long time when I started to earn $100 a day as I have learned lots of techniques and strategies to work online and earn money. That too $100 a day. So, why not to share those ideas with others as well.

So, its time to dive into the deep pool of ideas from which you can easily earn $100 a day by working online. If you’re serious about this topic and literally want to make $100 a day, check out this article to the last.

Person Holding Black and Grey Pen

Person Holding Black and Grey Pen

1: Google AdSense

The very first method which needs very few works to earn $100 a day is through Google AdSense. You can simply make your blog and attach a Google AdSense account with it. Attaching your Google AdSense account is very easy. Just go to the main website of Google AdSense and signup with your credentials.

Then you have to provide the link of your blog or website and if Google thinks your blog is well suitable to shows ads, it will approve your request and you can start earning from google ads. Basically, AdSense will show ads on your blog and if you’ve good organic traffic and someone clicks on the ad, you’ll be paid from google.

2: Text Links

The second way to earn $100 a day is through text links. If you’re unfamiliar with text links, then make sure to read the related article first. Basically, you are paid when you insert someone’s link to your website.
Like, if you have a website and you are getting high traffic on that, so there are tons of big companies who are ready to pay you $100 for inserting their link to your website. So, it’s a solid way to easily earn $100 a day.

3: Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are another good way to earn $100 a day. Basically, sponsored posts are those posts when big companies want you to talk about their product. Simply, you will do the marketing of their product. So, you just have to write something good about their product.

You will have to be careful while doing this because it can even affect your own website as well. So, don’t advertise everyone blindly. Make sure they are trustable, and they are providing good products else you will lose the trust of your readers as basically you are recommending them to use that product. So, be careful while doing this work.

4: Affiliate Marketing

This method is the most lucrative method to make $100 a day. Affiliate marketing simply means you have to promote someone’s product by inserting a link to buy that product. So in short, you are selling the product, but you don’t have to make any physical shop, nor you have to ship that. All of your work will be done by the companies link you are using in your article.
Many companies are happy to pay you $100 for each product. It depends on your viewers and article. The more people buy the product from your link, the more money you will make.

5: Display Ads

Display ads are just like google AdSense but here you will be paid when someone sees them. Unlike Google AdSense, where someone has to click on the ad and after that, you will be paid.
In this method, you will just show different ads on your website and the total number of views to the ad will determine how much you will earn. For doing this, you must have high organic traffic on your website

6: Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another great method to earn $100 a day. You just have to write articles and blogs for different companies and websites, and they are happy to give you $100 for each article.
Doing this work is also beneficial for you in terms of exposure as you will get a lot of experience while writing for different companies. It’s a great way to make $100 a day sitting at home and working from there.

7: Getting New Clients for Your Business

Getting new clients can be a big struggle for your business and many people try to get them from boring seminars and cold-callings. You can adapt a new strategy to make new customers and make more sales. You can use your website as a marketing tool to write a blog and articles about your business.
This strategy will definitely worm if you have a great viewership and readers on your website. This will surely help you in getting more clients and that results in more sales.

8: Coaching

Coaching is somehow a very decent way to earn money and make a $100 day easily. As the word describes, coaching means teaching to others in which you are expert. It’s a great way to make money because you can do it by sitting at your home.
There are a lot of websites where you can be a mentor and teach something. In this method, you won’t have to invest anything but your time. Also, there are people who are ready to pay you $150 per hours of your consultation. It depends on your niche what you’re going to teach. So, choose accordingly.

09: Digital Products

That’s some pretty easy way for you to make $100 a day by selling digital products. Digital products are just like software, printables, e-books, pdf and much more things like them.
Lots of people download informative pdfs and e-books online. So, you can make your own e-book or any pdf and sell them online. I know there are lots of other software or pdfs but still you can add more of them on your online store. That’s an easy task to make that much money in a day. Though they cost very much less when you got so much traffic on your web, you will get high sales resulting in more money.

10: Online Courses

Just like digital products, you can make online courses in pdfs and also YouTube series. It’s the same as coaching but there you will teach something live but, in this case, all you have to do is make an online course or series and upload them on your website or YouTube whatever.

It’s a great way to earn some quick money coz the more interesting your content would be, the more people will buy and recommend your course which will result in a great number of sales. Also, it’s a single time investment. Because you have to make it only once and sell it. Make an online course in the niche you’re expert and rest your content will do the job.

11: Investment Gains

Buying ETFs or stocks can be another great method to earn easily $100 a day. You can make an online account like brokerage account and buy the stocks. Personally, I just loved this method and it helped me to make $100 per day easily.

Just make sure that it’s always crucial to do additional investments with the online business that for sure rack up your passive income. So, just go with simple account on TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, or some other easy accounts and you’re just good to go
There are hundreds of ways to invest online so there is no excuse to not going for that. You have to take the risk to do big in life.

12: Peer-to-Peer Lending

It’s being a lot time I’m making enough money with this peer-to-peer lending method. You can use websites like Lending Club where investors and borrowers can connect mutually for the positive financial transaction. One can invest in crowdsourced loans for the people who will borrow money. And for sure, returns would be high enough to make passive income.
The best thing in doing this is that you will help someone and side by side, you will earn passive income. It would be a good question if you ask which platform should be chosen for sign-up. So, I’m mentioning some of them here. For investors, peer-to-peer platforms are Prosper, Lending Club, Funding Circle and Upstart.

13: Crowdfunded Real Estate Investing

If you have some extra bucks to invest, I suggest you invest in real estate. The best and the simplest website for this is the Fundrise. With this, you will create an account and add money in it. So, the investors who are professional in this field will invest this money on your behalf and you will be paid some dividends accordingly.

This is a great way if you are serious about investing in real estate. If you don’t want any hands-on hassle and your moony to be invested in right direction, I will simply suggest you get started here. You can start with as low as $500 but the income is beyond your imaginations

14: Sponsored Social Shares

As I have already discussed sponsored blog post, there is also an option of sponsored social shares will company will pay you to post on social media about them. This can only be done if you have a great following on social media platforms.

It is obvious that companies are gonna pay only if you have enough followers who will see your posts on social media and in return, they will get sales. So, it’s a great way to make money without doing anything

15: Selling Stuff Online

It is the easiest way to earn money and you can make $100 a day easily. All you have to do is make on online store and start selling anything you can make. There is also a concept of dropshipping where you don’t have to make or store things. You just show other people’s product with your own prices.
You can even make a store on Facebook or Instagram and sell things there. You can sell home decoration things, kitchen items, clothes, and whatever you like. It’s the simplest job to make more than $100 a day.

16: Sell a Physical Product

Selling a physical product is another great method to earn money. You can see many YouTubers running their own stores and merchandise. Obviously, they are getting enough money from there that’s why they are running those stores. And if you have high fan following, there is a great chance that you will earn more than $100 a day. I personally recommend this method to earn some high income as your side business.

17: YouTube Ads

You can earn a handsome amount of money by adding ads on your YouTube videos. It’s a great way to earn because you just have to add the ads to your videos. As your viewers get increased, you will make high income from that. Many YouTubers are earning even $5000 to $6000 per month. That’s great income.

18: Buying and Selling Websites

Buying and selling websites is another emerging method to earn money. It’s also an easy task and you can do this by sitting at your home. Just buy a website, do some designing and sell it with extra money. These methods are super easy to do, and you can easily manage to make $100 and even more a day.

19: Brand Sponsorships

Just like sponsored posts and social shares, many companies want you to give a complete promotion package to them. Not like just only posts or blogs, the big companies will buy your complete package in which you will do all of the promotion things like blogs, social shares, videos and all of that. You can see that most of the methods only need fan following. If you have that, money will contact you automatically like this one. Companies will contact you and will pay you to post things and share information about them.

20: Book or eBook

And the last method which I have already discussed is to write a book or you can say an e-book. Just write what you know about any topic and interesting people are gonna buy that. The best part of writing an e-book is that you have to write it once and you will be paid every time when someone buys that book.
So, another easy way to earn $100 a day that too without any special efforts.
The Bottom Line

So, these were some of the easy ways by which you can easily make $100 a day and even more. All it depends on your hard work now. The more serious you take things, the more you will explore and learn.
This learning will help you to earn passive income in the near future. Well, there are a lot of other methods which we haven’t talked about, but you can explore them on your own. Just put your step in this field and start earning online.

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